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T Rex Family

Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby Sprinkle...

This is a little delayed in being posted. The baby's shower or "sprinkle" was a couple weekends ago but the week after Lil Sister was very ill and developed a secondary lung infection in the form of pneumonia. Then the following week I was selected for jury duty and served on a criminal court case for four days. These are both adventures in and of themselves and I want to blog about each of them. However, I feel the photos from the baby sprinkle party deserve a dedicated posting.

My sister was main coordinator but my mother-in-law was the driving force for getting me to agree to the party. I was hesitant to agree to a baby shower just because this being the third baby and all I do not need all that much. Although, the more I prepared, the more I realized I've done such a good job borrowing stuff that our baby daughter had no newborn clothes. Plus, we are without a baby wearing carrier and a few other essentials. However, that was still not enough to persuade me to agree. Then my mother-in-law declared we were having a shower with or without my help. So, I agreed. Since my mother-in-law is in her eighties (shhhh - don't tell her I told you her real age - she looks and acts about 60), I did not want her doing the majority of stuff. 

Hence, I called in my sister. She's the mega-party coordinator. That girl missed her calling as an event planner. She did not need to get that fancy MBA degree and should have spent the last several years event planning instead. I know she does a lot of planning, coordinating, and executing of events as she is my nephew's home and school president. Thus, I knew it would be an amazing party. And it was. Magical, perfect, and everything an expectant mom could hope and dream for - although, I wish there were more photos of her!

My sisters-in-law all pitched in and helped with food and prep work. My mother-in-law did a lot of the food and prep work as well. Even Lil Sister joined in on the planning and decorating. Although, poor dear, on the actual morning of the party she woke with a 103 F fever. I gave her tylenol and motrin around the clock and she survived the party with good spirits but she was still under the weather. 

The invitations were all hand painted by my sister. They were awesome. I actually crocheted all the favors/prizes. Oh, yes, there were definitely games. My sister is semi-famous for her games at parties. These were no exception. We did dropping clothes pins into a bottle - I managed to not get any in the bottle! There was scooping cotton balls while being blind folded. There was also guessing the buttons in the jar and estimating the length of the string measuring around my belly. I actually disliked that game when it was played at my shower 6 years ago. This year, I welcomed it. The winner of the game 6 years ago was my Aunt Edith. I know she would have loved to have been at this party and I sense she was there in spirit. However, her gift was by far my favorite as it came from the beyond. She crochets\ed the baby a blanket before she passed and gave it to my mother shortly before she died. I did not even have words. In fact, I could not even speak when asked who gave me the gift. Oh, by the way, the measurement around my waist was 36 inches (just in case you were hanging on wondering).

Actually, our baby daughter received four amazing blankets. I love baby blankets. My mother also crocheted a blanket. My mother-in-law knitted a lovely blanket. And my sister gave the baby a quilt in the colors and patterns of my party. Homemade gifts are always my favorite. I was given some other amazing items. I am excited to try out my Ergo baby carrier. Plus, some really cute girly clothes, shoes, toys, and owl themed items, too. Owls are big with me this year. (More on that in another posting, too.) Oh, I am also making her a crochet blanket, afghan actually, but my momentum for finishing the project has slowed since I have so many amazing blankets.

So a couple of other cool items. One, my friend who NEVER wears dresses wore her amazing French dress AND she wrapped the gift with paper AND a flower. I actually thought I had switched universes. I had to photograph the moment. The drinks - the pink punch was incredible as was the cucumber water. I wanted fun, non-soda, drinks - something I could enjoy. The cupcakes were pink champagne cupcakes - awesome! Oh, the baby in the photo is my newest grandnephew. It was fun to have a baby in attendance.

Here are some photos from the event.

A special thank you to my sister, mom, mother-in-law, and sisters-in-law who all pitched in and made the day incredibly memorable and simply perfect! 

Oh, and in case you are wondering about the theme of elephants sprinkling droplets of water, it is based on a card my mother received after I was born with an elephant trunk held high sprinkling water. I have loved the card all these years I had to pass it along to use as a theme for my own shower or "sprinkle". Love how it all tied together.

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Julie Kieras said...

that party looks so lovely! I am excited you have an Ergo carrier!! I love ours!
The party games sound fun. We did the string around - I was huge. HUGE. But now I don't even remember how big so I guess it doesn't really matter! :)
Your family is so sweet, and I got choked up myself about how your Aunt Edith had made a blanket for the baby - that is truly touching.

I LOVE baby blankets too and especially the one you made for E. He uses it in bed every night and I love how you made it extra large so it still works long past babyhood! :)