T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Visit 2013

Last year we were fortunate in that our visit to Santa was a mostly private affair. This year we did not have that luxury. Thus, we braved the lines and crowds (I waited in line with the baby for 2 hours) but we had an awesome visit. He is the real Santa for sure. See last year for comparison (am I right?!?).

We did not plan to get professional photos taken. However, when we saw Santa (again, the real Santa) we had to. He was incredible with the kids and Mrs. Claus suggested the posed photo (recall the one that was all over the internet last year - our Santa in our town). We figured it was our one and only last time to do this with a baby so why not. If she was not going to cooperate we figured we'd bag the whole thing and just get a regular shot of the big kids. Well, our sleeping babe cooperated and it made for one fun photo.

I am chuckling a bit as T is wearing the same shirt from last year's Santa visit. Aside from that and the long wait, it was a fairly pleasant experience. We've never had great photos. Usually someone is screeching and unhappy but this year the kids (all three) nailed it. 

T took his little catalog along to show Santa what he wanted. It's quite modest because as he says, "Greedy kids don't get anything." He really thought long and hard about wanting the huge big item in the catalog but when I explained how big it was and read the reviews he had second thoughts. Still he considered just purchasing it with his own funds but then I explained we had no place to store such a toy. I explained how it makes me sad when he or his sister ask for things we cannot get whether it be due to cost or size. Then I told him about when I was a young person and wanted a horse and how my mom felt when we could not get one. Then he chose something different and explained how cool it was and that he was equally excited. It was a cool parenting moment seeing the cycle come full circle. But back to T -  I thought it charming and cleaver he took the photo to show Santa. After his visit he said Santa totally knew what it was and thought it was a wise choice.

Big Sis thanked Santa for last year's princess castle and then asked for some Barbies, Barbie clothes, and "a Wonder Woman with a golden lasso in her invisible jet." She knew EXACTLY what she wanted. She was all smiles and just wanted to hug him. I specifically asked the photographer to take a candid shot of the kids talking with Santa. And let me tell you, Santa knows his toys!

I'll go ahead and share the photos with you and keep things brief as I hear my little one stirring when she should be napping. Plus, there are cards to be addressed and a few goodies to be wrapped while everyone naps. If you get a card this year, consider how fortunate you are as finding the time to get them out has been a challenge. My hat is off to all of you in the 3+ kid club - tough going around here.

More later including our decorating. In the mean time, I hope you and you loved ones have enjoying this magical time of year thus far.


Tat said...

How cute is that sleepy photo! Totally worth the wait... Merry Christmas!

Boise Wiebers said...

We see the same Santa and he is really good. The "elves" this year weren't so good when we were in but Santa was fantastic. I'm glad you got a fun shot. Happy New Year!

Julie Kieras said...

oh wow he really DOES look like the real Santa! Last year's Santa was nice too though :) The sleeping picture IS adorable!