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T Rex Family

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I wanted to do something to surprise the kids this year. They had all day school and I had the day off. I had already worked three days in the week so I was pretty tired. However, I just really wanted to surprise them.

After T's kindergarten party (oh so much fun) I came home, decorated, wrapped, crafted, baked, cooked, and prepared. Hubby and Lil Sister love sushi so I picked up some take out sushi for their dinner but I made T a homemade pizza. I cut the strawberries in half to look like hearts.

I made the kids and Hubby little pom pom "love bugs" to go with their gifts. These were fast crafts which is what I mostly do these days.

When they arrived home the kids were overwhelmingly excited to see the house had suffered a heart attack - hearts everywhere. It was a great evening. Plus, the kids went to bed early, Baby took a long nap in her swing, and Hubby and I were able to watch the entire movie I purchased for him as his gift (Ender's Game) without a single interruption. 

Such a great day. Oh, I forgot to mention, at the kindergarten party I got to ring the the bell. WOW! Such power! Mrs. T insisted on holding the baby and she did not want Baby to get frightened by the bell so it fell upon me to do the ringing. The photo in the photo of T, Baby, and myself, you can see he is wearing his heart necklace - I made heart necklaces for his teachers, staff, and the students - it was a month of riding the elliptical (I crochet while working out since it's the only time I have free hands) but it was worth it - everyone LOVED the necklaces.The hanging heart decorations you see in the photos are the same pattern. The necklaces were of different colors and yarns. T picked the designs for each person. He also hand wrote and decorated all his Valentines.

Included in the photos are the outsides (red) and insides (white/pink) of the Valentines the kids made for their dad. They drew themselves doing something they enjoyed with their dad. I thought T's pirate ship was great. He said his drawing was of he and his dad playing with Lego minifigures together in his room. He even drew his bed with a pillow on it and his activity table. Lil Sister's card was equally charming and I was SO proud of her name signing. She was the only one in her preschool class who hand signed all her Valentines. She is SO ready for kindergarten but still has 18 months until she goes. 

It was such a happy day and one we as a family will always remember.

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