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T Rex Family

Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Update - Finally...

I know I am totally behind. However, I am trying to embrace life with my kids and enjoy them and not put so much pressure on myself to blog. With that being said, this is a log of our family and its happenings so I need to at least update once in a while. So here is the update. It may be long. Or it may be short - kind of depends on how my pack does while I pull my thoughts together.

T finished up T ball and Lil Sis is ready to start next year. It was a great year and we had lots of fun.

At the end of May, right before school for T was out, over a two week period we all contracted a bad gastroenteritis virus. Everyone except the baby became ill. I worked so hard to keep nursing the baby so she would get antibodies and not get sick that I ended up getting dehydrated. Two liters of fluid later I was no longer in danger but still ill. It took me a full 7 days to get my energy back. (A huge shout out and thank you to the folks who helped while I was sick either with health care or child care - you know who you are and you know you saved our bacon). Poor T, he had not missed a singe day of school until that last week. He was pretty bummed but his super amazing teacher dropped off a little care package to help him feel better.

That same week was also T's kindergarten graduation. I was still feeling ill but managed to pull things together so I would be there, especially since I was the art mom for the class and I wanted to present a special end of year gift to the teacher that the kids had crafted. She was very touched. I will post a full series of photos from graduation on T's blog. We also participated in a hike with T's teacher and a few classmates. I will post more about that in a separate posting. That was fun and adventurous.

The same week as kinder graduation there was kindergarten lunch. Hubby, Lil Sis, and I all met T for lunch. BB was already at Miss B's since I had to sneak into work late. It was the end of my 6 1/2 days off. I'm sad I was ill the entire time but glad I did not have to miss work. This time of year patients get really grumpy if we have to reschedule them. I am booking appointments about 6-8 weeks out it's been so busy.

Then school was out. I simply cannot believe how fast the school year went. And then just like that, it was over. T cried the first day we did not have school. We lined up some activities to keep him occupied and I think we did a good job because no one has claimed to be bored - yet. Both kids are doing gymnastics. T did asthma camp. They start martial arts next week. 

Somewhere in there BB turned seven months and learned to sit up - finally. The child is always held so it's no wonder she is lacking in the gross motor skills department. She's really ahead in the language area though - probably from everyone always talking to her.

I've picked up a few extra days of work since all the other providers are taking vacation. I was really questioning the extra days since I've had a few rough days of late but I am learning a lot and even had my very first student. That was pretty cool.

I have also been helping my friend (still working on her screen name and I have a separate posting about her - yes, KN, be scared) with her kids while she is in graduate school. Actually, it's more of a kid swap. Plus, my kids absolutely adore her and her kids. They are starting to act more like siblings of late. It's great for the kids and me, too, since I've been feeling so overwhelming being a mom of 3. Now, when I go back to having 3 from 6, 3 it seems totally easy. The caveat being her kids are pretty easy, though.

I have also undertaken a few big sewing and small crochet projects. I will post more soon but this update is already exceeding the duration of Toy Story 2, which was keeping the kids entertained while I write. 

Then BB turned 8 months. That really crept up on me. She is still super smiley and happy. Still only has 2 teeth but says a lot.

Lastly, my brother came for a quick stop and I turned his visit into my mom's 75th birthday surprise. So far, that is the biggest highlight of my summer. I'll do a quick single posting on that as well.

So, there you have it. Lots of updates. I'll throw in some photos and write more soon as well as try to update the kids' blogs.

T ball crew. 

T with his dad at kindergarten lunch.

Kids at the top of Table Rock - from our hike.

Baby 7 months and finally sitting up. 

My handsome graduate.

The crew of 6 that I took to the Botanical Gardens. I just love this photo. I smile every time I look at it.

Playing on her actual 8 month birthday date - she is at that racooning stage - a favorite stage of mine. She is about over the baby toys, too.

T was so excited Nan was able to see her "little guy" on her birthday.

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