T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fair 2014

As our last bit of summer fun before the school year kicks off, we took the kids to the fair. Until today. they had never been to the fair. 

We first went to see the animals knowing that once the kids starting playing games and doing rides, they would not want to do anything else.

Our total time there was about 3 1/2 hours. We saw the animals, feed some animals, ate marginal food, watched the kids do rides (first rides ever), and played some games. Everything was super expensive and way over stimulating but the kids LOVED it and had a great time. It helped that some friends joined us. I even peeked at the very end at the crafted items - getting an idea of something I should crochet next year. This year, with Baby's illnesses, I ran out of time to make something. Next year - I'll get it together and enter something.

Some highlights:

1) When we arrived, the baby was excited. She kept dancing to the music and squealing with delight. She just wants to be one of the big kids.

2) The kids enjoyed having their friends join in.

3) Baby loved the chicks - she started pointing today as she saw them. The expression of interest on her face was wonderful.

4) Big Sister is a great darts player. She excelled at the games. T also loved playing the games, too.

5) The Dragon roller coaster was their first ever ride - Sister loved it, T said it was pretty scary.

6) Sister enjoyed her cotton candy and it was the first cotton candy I have ever bought for myself or the kids. T, of course, does not like such sweet things. I even tried to get him to taste it and you would have thought I was torturing him by his expression (I did not capture a photo of that).

7) Big Sister was too small for the fun house but our friend waved her hand and told the ticket attendant, "She can go right in" - and she did! We say she used The Force.

Here are photos to go with these highlights:

(Monday T starts first grade. He met his teacher on Friday and it was a good meeting. Plus, his close friend L is going to be in his class so all should be good.)

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Sarah McKelvy said...

Love the Frozen shirt your daughter is wearing! Frozen is my daughter's FAVORITE movie.