T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Second Posting of 2015


Never have I been this far behind on my blogs. I don't know what to say except, well, we are at peak toddler times and it's just hard to not watch her all the time. A couple weeks ago I stepped away to use the restroom and found her with a frosted mini-wheat standing on the printer on the counter. It was a 2 minute bathroom run. Now I insist she accompany me. Which, by the way, has peaked her interest into doing more potty training. She's now well on her way.

The older kids are each in a couple of activities. T has taekwondo and baseball. He has activities Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Sometimes Friday and Saturday if there are games those days, too. Taekwondo continues to be a great activity for him. He often has to practice self control and self discipline during class which is extremely helpful for him overall. It has helped him with baseball. His cousin has been helping him with hitting and this has been very helpful, too. He's becoming a very consistent player.

S - she's still in dance with her annual recital coming up very soon. She is very talented. She and her buddy are a couple of the best students in class. I am so very sad her friend cannot participate in the recital. She's been working so hard all year and to miss out on her very first and possibly only recital, my heart hurts. I won't dwell. I don't want to make her family feel bad for going on vacation. Bad timing but still, my heart hurts. I haven't told S her friend won't be there. She'll be fine. This will be her second recital. She gets to participate in two numbers this year. It will be wonderful. Gymnastics is also going extremely good. She has quite a knack for physical activities. She can literally ride circles on her bike around her brother while he's on his bike.

BB as we call our little caboose just keeps growing. She's doing great and into EVERYTHING. She loves to be outside and just wants to be doing what all the other kids are doing.

Work for both Hubby and me is extremely busy. Of course, for me it's quite predictable with it being allergy season. Hubby has been taking on more projects at work. They call him a battle star because he is such a strong contributor. (Can you hear how proud I am of him?) Still, he has a good work/life balance going on.

I still volunteer at the school. I'm getting more involved in the PTO and will be shadowing the VP of Art next year so I can take over the following year. I figure with 14 years at our elementary school I should have plenty of time to try out the various roles. Little S had kindergarten registration. I need to post some of those photos on her blog. She was adorable and is SO excited to start "real" school. Speaking of school, T got an "outstanding" from his Grandpa N (these are rare and only given for true merit) for his report card. An example from the report card - he's expected to know 150 sight words and he knows 497. He still needs to work on using his time wisely but academically, he's doing just fine.

I'll include some photos from the past couple months. I'll throw in a few crochet projects that I've completed along the way, too. There are several and they are in random order.

- Kindergarten registration
- Peeps for my 3 little peeps
- T's community project for school
- S's Skitty book
- T at baseball
- Bike shopping
- Handsome Husband
- S modeling the poncho I made
- Scrap yarn to make doll dress with matching hair clip
- My nephew helping T with hitting
- Group lunch at Ms. B's during my busy work week
- Several photos of BB - she likes to read, A LOT, especially Good Night Moon
- Minecraft shirt T and I crafted for 100 days of school (100 piece of felt used)
- Photo of three kidos

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Julie Kieras said...

I was SO excited to see this blog post land in my inbox today! :) LOVED reading this update - my you are a busy momma and your kids are SO blessed with all you do with them and for them.
Adore the poncho - you are talented!!! And the kids are growing SO BIG. Love all that they are doing these day!