T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, June 8, 2015

Staycation 2015 - Days 1-3

We canceled our vacation. Initially I was pretty sad about it but we're turning lemons into lemonade. It's hard when you've saved up all year, deferred a vacation the previous year because you had a baby, just to find out you need to take that money to pay for something. Fortunately, we never told our kids the vacation plans so they aren't disappointed. Still, they keep asking when they get to go fly on an airplane or when they get to go to Legoland, etc. We just tell them some day our turn will come.

With that being said, Hubby and I wanted to do something for the kids during the week we took off work when we were supposed to be gone. Thus far it's mostly been a labor of love but Hubby and I did sneak off to do a triple date on day one.

Highlights thus far - Days 1-3

- Lots of pool time, some with the toddler and some while she was napping. We ride our bikes to and from the pool so the kids have been enjoying their bicycles very much.
- Desserts - I've been trying to make special meals and desserts. The photo of the chocolate cake makes me laugh because T is forcing himself to smile (he will not eat chocolate and he does not like cake). I'll be making sugar cookies (definitely not frosted) for him soon.
- A home in our neighborhood caught on fire - we had 7 fire engines (including the hook and ladder truck), 6 police cars, and 3 ambulances. The owners were not even home so no one was hurt but the last time we had a fire in our neck of the woods several homes burned down and many of us were evacuated for a day. So for a moment, we thought we might have to leave.
- Visit to our tiny local aquarium - the last time I went I was in labor with BB. Things haven't changed too much but it's not surprising the she loves the aquarium so much since it motivated her to come out! I love the photo of Big Sis making faces at the fish (I used to do the exact same thing). T badly wanted a photo with a hammerhead shark (his favorite). He loves sharks and even did a power point presentation on them this past year. He had all sorts of facts for us and was even excited there were some pilot fish. We let the older kids pick out a souvenir from their visit which we never let them buy stuff at the zoo or aquarium. It's vacation!
- Special lunch at a fancy Italian place - Hubby and I wanted to take the kids somewhere special since it was our 14th wedding anniversary.

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