T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wood Floors...

So I got a bee in my bonnet a few months back that I was tired of the carpet in our living area and we should replace it. Then I decided I didn't want carpet but instead wanted it all to be wood. Little did I know what an under taking it would be.

However, a cabin trip, a hotel stay, lots of moving furniture, and lots of "just a few more days" later we had our floors. The flooring people told us a 4 day job. We left for four days. Three days into it my friend who is watching our house says, "your floors do not look like they will be ready for your return". She was right. The flooring people booked "a day job" in the middle of our job bumping us into the 5 day range. We return to town just to have to stay at a hotel. (Hubby and I both had to return to work hence we could not stay at the cabin another day.) Add another $150 to our growing expensive floors. I wasn't happy. S drew a photo of me when I got the news.

Then they failed to tell us that we could not put furniture on the newly completed floors for another 3 days AFTER we were able to occupy the house. So, we ate on a table cloth where our table would have been.

Then they refused to reconnect our refrigerator (which they disconnected) because a plumber needed to do it so they would not be held liable for any leaking and damage as a result. Again, they never mentioned this nor was it in the paper work.

They did tell us they would be pulling up our baseboards so those would need to be repainted. We finally had that done this past week. A month later and we are about ready to move the final pieces of furniture back into the house. It's beautiful but an undertaking I was not mentally prepared for.

The finished product...

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