T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, November 1, 2015

BB's 2nd Birthday Party - Sesame Street Theme

There are just a ton of photos and not necessarily in the best order. She loves Sesame Street and so that was the theme that I had to go with. We decorated the house in 2s and Rs. I had kiddos color Sesame Street print pages. Ms. K made the Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes. Ms. B made the pumpkins. She also made some amazing decorations that I totally spaced and forgot to put up but now they are permanent decorations in her bedroom which is being transformed from Frozen (THANK GOODNESS!!!) to Sesame Street.

All the guests signed her "Just One You" book. We played toss the cookies into Cookie Monster - my sister made this. We also played Sesame Street memory and made Cookie and Elmo puppets. I made some blue punch with duckies to represent Ernie's ducky punch. Food was tacos. Birthday girl wore the same dress she wore on Halloween. Favors were "Cookie's Cookies" and Elmo's crayons and goldfish. The wall coverings of the Sesame Street characters were a big hit with the birthday girl. She now has them hanging in her room.

It was very special for my littlest to be surrounded by her favorite people on her special day. 

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