T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Veterans Day

We feel very fortunate and blessed to have Grandpa N aka my father in law in the family. He's a very spry World War II veteran. He spent most of his time in training and mainland defense during the war. He was just out of high school when he enlisted. He was headed to the invasion of Japan when the war ended. Boy are we glad he didn't get there. Had he gone to Japan, I probably would not be married to his son because he would not have a son nor would I have any of the amazing kids I have today because he likely would have been a casualty of war.

He has visited our school before. A couple years ago he spoke in T's kindergarten class. This year he was invited back by the same teacher except it was for S. When T's second grade teacher caught wind he was going to be there she asked him to stop by her class, too. He did a great job with the kids. He brought his dog tags and explained how he came home with two. If he was killed one was removed and one was left with the body. Again, boy are we glad he still has 2 parts to his tags. At almost ninety years old he's quite active and spry albeit very hard of hearing. He worked in artillery and shot of lot of things during his time in the army without much ear protection. 

The kids were quite proud of him. He led the kindergarten class to the pledge of allegiance and taught the kids the proper way to salute. He spent some time with the second graders who simply could not grasp why we would be at war with Japan. When Grandpa N was a boy he lived across the street from a Civil War veteran. I think the generation gap between Grandpa N and T's classmates is kind of like that. I cannot even conceive of why we would be fighting our fellow Americans. 

What an amazing day at the school! The kindergartners made metals to give him. Such an honor to be with him during such a special day. We are grateful to him and all our other service people who keep our great nation safe.

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