T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dad's 90th Birthday Celebration

Hubby's dad recently celebrated his 90th birthday. It was a nice celebration with pizza and ice cream cake. He was surrounded by most of his kids and grandkids. What an amazing individual and what a life and legacy he has led! How grateful we are for his example to all of us.

My favorite story about him is from his retirement party. He had worked for three governors of the state of Idaho in various appointed positions like running department of correction or transportation. At his party someone asked, "Does anyone know what political party he affiliates with?" No one knew. He always kept his cards close and never showed them.

Well, we certainly know where he stands but for 30 years no one knew including those three governors from two different parties who highly respected him and begged him not to retire. His grandson, our oldest, is a lot like him in his mannerisms and attitude. If he turns out to be half the person his grandfather is we will not have to worry about him doing amazing things with his life.

We are so happy we could be apart of his birthday celebration. Does he not look about 65 years old instead of 90?!?

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