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T Rex Family

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Idaho Officially in a Recession

Idaho, like 23 other states, is officially in a recession. I am thanking God that both my husband and I still have jobs. Home foreclosures are up in Idaho 130%. Health and Welfare reports they are receiving 100 applications a day for food stamps, many from people who have never requested assistance before.

When I was in a pediatric office working yesterday, one of the nurses said that several Micron moms had called in checking to see if they accept Medicaid because they were just laid off. Then when I picked Thomas up from daycare yesterday the teacher told me two of the babies were leaving the class because their parents had been laid off from Micron.

Even I have been finding myself doing less shopping for groceries or toiletries. I consider myself to be an excellent consumer but in these tough economic times, I find I don't want to spend for fear of what the future brings.

There has been so much talk about another economic stimulus package. When we were on our walk, my husband and I discussed this. Where is the money coming from? Either the US Treasury is printing money or it's being borrowed from China. Now why would China lend us so much money. They're going to end up owning our country. Not to mention, I do not feel right taking money from a Communist state - what does that say about our Democratic nation?

The situation is, of course, more complex than that. China has a vested interest in why they would want to loan us their money. We are their number one consumer. If we don't have money to spend on their products, then their economy collapses too.

I was glad to hear Representative Simpson opposes this new stimulus package. I don't want China's money and I don't want the Treasury Department to "create" the money - it just devalues what money I currently do have.

What I do want to see are more jobs being created here on US soil and less being sent over-seas. This way, Thomas' friends are not leaving daycare and being relocated with their parents because of cut-backs and lay offs.

These are tough economic times. Not entirely sure if I want to see what a Democratic House, a Democratic supramajority Senate, and a Democratic President will do with this situation. These are the considerations we face as Election Day approaches.

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