T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Incredible Video Footage

A police officer friend e-mailed this to me today. WOW!!!

(When T-Rex starts to act up in his teen years, we'll be having his Uncle, this friend, take him on some strategic police ride-alongs and visits to juvenile hall!)

Per my friend: This is the ACTUAL audio and video from a San Diego PD helicopter on a vehicle pursuit that went to foot pursuit.

The video is in infra-red because it was filmed at night from a helicopter but you can still see what happened to the person. That's the disclaimer.

(You can so clearly see the people's images as well as the dog's! Amazing technology.)

Check it out...

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Caitlin said...

okay wow! Too cool / gross!! I watched this with my Dad, and we loved it! I thought that I was subscribed to your blog, but apparantly not, so I have a bunch of catch-up reading to do when I get home! :)