T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Polar Bears - amazing creatures...

Right now Thomas is totally into bears. Panda bears have always been his favorite because we used to have a black and white panda flash card next to his changing table to encourage him to look to the left - trying to keep his head nicely shaped.

Next it became all things bears - polar bears, panda bears, blue bears, yellow bears...

Now this is his favorite book - Knut, the Baby Polar Bear. I have to admit, it charms me too. And Knut's caretaker's name - Thomas!

I stumbled onto this today and was just totally amazed me. After seeing the photos of Knut in the book I was just commenting to Skip this morning about how expressive they are and wondering if all bears are like this. I'm not sure but after looking at this link, I believe you will agree what amazing animals polar bears are!

Disclaimer - I am totally an oxymoron - I have conservative tendencies except when it comes to animals and kids (I, too, want to save the polar bears and my kid eats all organic foods). Then I tend to be on the liberal end of the spectrum. So, don't think I've jumped the fence on my political views. And I will NOT be subscribing to his blog.

What happens when a polar bear encounters a pack of dogs? Find out here (click on the photo):

Some of you will also be receiving my Defenders of Wildlife Polar Bear Christmas cards too. So, you'll see an adorable photo of a mother bear hugging her baby - coming to a mailbox near you!

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