T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let the Battle Begin...

We had another awesome round of D&D last night.

Top: Argo, Alfred, Thor, Caz & Skip on the bottom left

It was especially nice because we someone back who used to play with us - he was in town visiting. And then another friend come over to watch.

Our friend "Steve Lewis" who came to watch the action.

Our friend from out of town's character is a cleric dwarf - "Alfred". Skip wrote Alfred's absence into the story - he has been off praying to his Deity. Alfred came back to enlist the assistance of the "Heroes of Greyhawk" to prevent an evil joining with the Deity "Set" from occurring.

Our DM for the evening - looking up a spell cast by Caz to see how it will affect play.

This time it was a true dungeon crawl - my character "Eve" (magicuser) charmed the guards along with some help from her friends "Caz" and "Argo" and gained entry into the warehouse doubling as the Temple of Set.

After a menagerie of tricks and traps we made it to the joining ceremony only to walk into an anti-magic sphere and where we were to become the sacrifices needed to complete the joining.

En route to the joining ceremony - we stopped to examine some fishtanks - Eve used her fishing skills to obtain and preserve some babel fish that help anyone possessing one to comprehend all spoken languages. Argo on the other hand, ate one of the sharks and acquired all it's special abilities!

Argo, our archer ranger, along with his newly acquired ability to fly spread his wings, literally, and flew out of the anti-magic sphere. Caz, our druid, turned into a bat and flew out of the sphere. Alfred lassoed a couple of guards pulling some into the pit/sphere and then later allowed Eve and "Thor" (fighter dwarf) to climb out of the pit.

The archer on the cup is Argo - remember he is flying. The line of characters in the front are the guard looking into the pit. The tall figure to the right of the cup is Eve with short Alfred trying to guard the "helpless" magicuser. The two figures fighting in front of the cup are Thor and one of the guards.

While Eve was still in the pit, her super-powerful magical abilities were muted so she pulled out her six guns and killed the two priests performing the ceremony. Thor continued to hack on guards.

Thor and Caz

Argo focused his fight on Set along with Caz. Caz put up a wall of flame outside the anti-magic sphere and killed several of the guards. He also summoned a fire elemental to help as well.

At one point Set almost turned our neutral druid, Caz, into an evil cleric but in the end was saved. After this climactic turning point, Alfred closed Set's gateway and Set was sucked back into his dimension and the adventure was over.

Once again, the Heroes of Greyhawk save the day. And this time, no one had to die!

Thanks everyone who joined us. It was a very fun adventure and so nice to get to see and visit with all of you!

(P.S. Mul, thanks for letting us borrow your miniatures - it was nice to have a part of you there. We'll be so excited for you to finish school!)

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