T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Garden Aglow

This week we took Thomas to the botanical garden - now what's to see at the botanical garden in January? Well, it turns into a winter wonderland of lights.

The photos don't really do it justice. As you can see, Thomas was in awe the entire time. He just kept pointing and saying, "I see!".

Last year, we met Shelley and walked the garden as a distraction while I was in labor. Thomas was born the next day. We've been every year for the past 8 years so I guess that counts as a family tradition.

We hope you enjoyed the photos! Just one more for good measure...


Jed Wheeler Family said...

Boise looks very cold this year. Is Thomas enjoying his kitchen? Jara got one too. Happy New Year!

Caitlin said...

BEAUTIFUL! We will definitely have to take Joseph next year!

shell said...

Awesome!! Those turned out really well... especially since you didn't have your tripod. Great photos.

Jenners said...

How cool. And I love the family photo! What an adorable family you have there!