T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bird Photos

As mentioned previously, I received a new camera for my birthday. I am still learning all the nuances that go along with it but so far I am having a really great time.

Thomas was actually the one looking out the window. Sometimes he will just stare and stare - probably watching the birds. Both of his grandmas love to watch birds so I am guessing that's where he gets it from.

As he was looking out, I noticed a dove land on the fence post.

Then it took off - the camera does auto focus so it decided the house should be in focus but I was snapping the photo when the bird too off - still kind of cool, I think.

Then a finch landed on another fence post - they are really tiny. My camera digitally zoomed in to get that shot. Again, I thought that to be pretty amazing.

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Caitlin said...

Very cool pictures! Nice and clear! I especially like the one of the bird flying off- nice action photo. See you in a few hours!