T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Animal Photos from the Zoo

Thomas and I met our play group at the zoo today. It was a bit chaotic for a while but we pulled it together and I was actually able to take some decent photos.

I am only posting photos of the animals - there were tons of them out and about. And some that I never get to see were also basking in the warm sun - it was a comfortable 50 degrees - I think Thomas and I were a little over dressed with our multiple layers.

There is a new African exhibit that I had never seen before - very cool! Here are some of those photos:

Doesn't he look so relaxed? The kids liked the lions the best - probably because they could see them so easily.

What a life!

The two new giraffes - I'm not sure who is who, but one is Joseph and one is Julius.

This was just a cool close up - I always say it but it merits repeating - God has a sense of humor because he created giraffes! They're one of my favorite animals!

The zebras were braying while we were there - it sounds pretty much like a donkey bray with a thick accent. It was a little scary sounding.

Leaving the African exhibit:

Bald Eagle - there were a pair there - we see wild ones around all the time. But mostly we see golden eagles. He is a little disheveled but still recognizable. They are huge - they were sitting on a log on the ground and stood a good three feet tall. Very large birds!

I did not see the sign but I think this is a brown bear - every other time I've gone I've never seen this guy before so I was pretty excited to see him! He really does look like a giant teddy bear but looking at those claws I had zero desire to get any closer - Thomas LOVED him!

Meerkat - these are always my favorite - when I first went to the zoo about 10 years ago, they had just had babies - they were SO cute - still are but not nearly as much. The photo is not that great because it was taken through glass with the sun shining right on it. They were also enjoying the sunlight.

Thomas loves to read "Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See?" - in it is a depiction of a spider money - it was cool to see the real deal! They are pretty fun to watch and have very cool tails - like an extra arm! Again, photo taken through glass.

And last but certainly not least, the prairie dogs - always a favorite - it looks to be dinner time!

That's all folks. If you want to see some photos with the other kids and moms in them, check out Thomas' blog as "he" will be posting them later. Also there are more on Caitlin's blog as well.

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