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T Rex Family

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Honest Scraps

My first award!

Thank you, Caitlin.

Here are my ten "honest scraps":

One: I'm Monica! If you ever watched the sitcom "Friends" you know what I mean. I take glee in organizing and cleaning. I even like helping other people organize and clean. My fifteen-month-old son has learned to put unused food in a special place on his tray rather than throwing it --> throwing food = increased heart rate for Jenn.

Two: I am an RN - although I haven't practiced in a few years, I am still currently licensed and actually just applied to nurse practitioner school.

Three: I was once a drug dealer. Nothing illegal! Last month I was laid off from my pharmaceutical sales job. This was how I was saving for NP school.

Four: I am a perfectionist - I only expect it from me - no one else. So all my friends and readers out there, don't panic and think I am critiquing everything you do.

Five: I was head cheerleader when I was in high school. Yep, I wore the short skirts and stood on top of the tallest stunts - that was me - I'm sort of embarrassed about it now, though. Not sure why since as a child it was my dream to be a cheerleader and the happiest day of my life, up to that point, was when I was asked to be the captain.

Six: I am a closet survivalist - you should see my pantry - it is so big it has two doors and a freezer in it. Plus, we also have a refrigerator and another freezer in the garage.

Seven: When I was a teen, I often ate pop corn for dinner. Not because I loved it, but because often it was all we had. I was the daughter of a single mother who's sole income, aside from the whopping $200 child support check, was employment at a grocery store. This probably explains my obsession with stock piling food! God bless my mother - we never subscribed to any government programs and she would often go without so I would not want for anything.

Eight: I have two bachelors degrees - in addition to nursing, I also have a BS in Psychology - Child Development. I don't mention this all that much because people have this expectation that I should know everything about everything regarding kids - which I don't. And it's been seven years since I graduated so things get a little foggy. Not to mention the fact that some how the rules always change when it's your kid! Can anyone relate?

Nine: I believe in love at first sight because it happened to me - when I was 16! And now I've been married to him for almost 8 years. I know what you're thinking, but we did not start dating until I was 21. My sister kept trying to set me up with other guys which I'm glad she did because then I could be 100% of who I wanted to be with. He and I could talk constantly for the rest of our lives and we would always have more to discuss. It's actually quite scary how much we have in common.

Ten: I am a Star Wars fanatic - my husband says one of the reasons he had to marry me was I took him to a midnight showing of Star Wars Episode I - after standing in line for 7 hours to get tickets - partially because I wanted to do it for him but mostly because I wanted to see it! And I am the only female he has ever met that can out-quote him with Star Wars quotes.

With that being said, I will leave you with the commonest of Star Wars quotes:

May the force be with you, always...

I pass this along to my niece, Joshlyn...


Caitlin said...

You deserve it, you food-hoarding, drug distributing, cheerleader captain-ing, star wars fanatic! :)
Fun facts to read!
I wonder, do you still like popcorn? OR has it lost its thrill now?

T Rex Mom said...

Pop corn is still okay but only with movies, special seasoning, or if I'm really hungry! I used to eat a lot of it when Thomas was tiny - it heated up fast and I could eat it while I nursed him. Such a diverse food! And yes, we have some on our food storage!

mitchsmom said...

We have some things in common: I'm an RN (currently practicing), I have 2 bachelor's (BSN and BA in education), I'm a closet survivalist/preparedness geek/food hoarder, and I'm not a Star Wars fanatic but with 3 boys who ARE, I might be able to challenge you on the quotes ...LOL.
I also plan to eventually be an NP. :)
PS...I was lucky enough to have plenty of food to eat, but my husband and his siblings used to use food coloring for variety in their never-ending macaroni and cheese dinners!