T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sydney Update

Yesterday I took Sydney in for a check up and bandage change. They were quite concerned that I had re-bandaged the paw too tightly. I tried to reassure them on the phone that I really did know what I was doing (people and dogs - how different could the techniques be?).

And not to my surprise, they said I had done an excellent job. Yes, nursing school did teach me a few things!

Back to Syd, everything looked good. We're still waiting on the pathology but I'm certain of what it's going to say. At least it appears the cancer has not spread. She is recovering well. The antibiotics are making her nauseous so she has not been eating. The veterinarian had me make a lean chicken and rice mixture which she is happily eating. She is getting so spoiled!

After her meal (to avoid nausea), she takes all 11 pills! This morning she spat out one of them and Thomas brought it to me. Thank goodness he is hesitant about putting new things in his mouth or I would have been calling poison control! Not to mention, it came out of the dog's mouth already!

It is a challenge keeping Thomas away from Sydney especially since she is in a fenced off area in the living room. I have to monitor her so she will not tear off the bandage or lick at it. And with all the snow we've gotten it is too wet to be outside. Since Thomas is already having an asthma exacerbation from the virus he has we're just keeping him on his meds until he and Sydney are both well.

Life goes on and this too shall pass...

This was taken this morning after I had to re-bandage her paw. I like this photo because you can see downtown in the background.

In the next photo you can see the Ziploc bag I taped over her bandage to keep the snow out.

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Glad you're feeling better, Sydney!

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Caitlin said...

Glad that she is better too! Can't believe that Thomas brought you her pill! Haha! Trying to be helpful I suppose...