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T Rex Family

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toddler Playroom

I will admit it - Thomas has a lot of toys. In our defense, many of them are loaners, gifts, or used toys we've purchased. Few are actually new toys we've bought for him.

Since I'm no longer working, a home office just for me is not really necessary. Skip has his own office upstairs. I had actually intentionally wanted an office in the middle of everything so I could be close to Thomas and cook dinner simultaneously. The office connects to the kitchen and through those French doors into the other French doors is Thomas' bedroom.

Well, now this office has become a playroom. It still has some office features - a giant desk in the middle is the pretty obvious one. However, I was thinking this would be a place Thomas could study or do craft projects. And it would make an ideal fort! Or I could just set up my laptop there and blog - like I'm doing right now! If I am fortunate enough to get into nurse practitioner school this year, I can go in there and study and he can play. It's still connected to the kitchen so I can make meals and be close.

It is definitely a work in progress and I want to do some decorating. In the mean time, this is what I pulled together last night.

Can you tell which item Thomas went for first?

Skip and I both bet on the basket full of plastic Easter eggs. And indeed, we were right! They are almost spheres and he is just obsessed with anything spherical. Although, the shopping cart of spheres was the next item - he's already been playing with those for a week but the basket I just pulled out of storage last night.

I stocked 7 of the 8 drawers in the room with toys - on the right are his homemade domino blocks - they blend in with the drawer.

In the corner I stacked more blocks by his barn - and the photo reminded me to put plug covers there too!

One last view - see that airplane on the far right? Thomas pushes it up to that counter, stands on it, and tries to turn on the fax machine. It's turned off but he sure thinks he's "hot stuff". Also to the right is the connection to the kitchen.

This was a fun project and it gives me the chance to do even more fun projects to decorate. I'll keep you posted as to what I do for decorations. Don't forget the giveaway is going on now - 1 week to go!

Giveaway rules: For every comment you leave on this blog or T Rex Tales (starting with the March 16th postings), I will give you one chance to win a custom, handmade item in the fashion of any of these items: toddler pants, toddler shorts, or spring blanket. If you currently are or become a follower of either of the blogs, I will double your chances of winning. You can comment as much as you want per posting but only one per person per posting counts. Giveaway closes Wednesday, March 25th. I will post the winner on Thursday, March 26th on T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.

Lastly, Thomas is finally starting to feel better. I think the antibiotics are kicking in. I am so glad. He has been so unhappy and such a handful - both of which I certainly don't enjoy. Luckily, I think the aliens might have returned my little boy last night! Good thing because this room was what he woke up to!


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Caitlin said...

Great idea, Jenn! That will be nice to have a place to stash stuff, and then shut the door to it all at the end of the day.
We can't wait to try it out!

septembermom said...

Great job organizing! You would be SHOCKED to see how many toys we have accumulated over the past 12 years. I feel like I'm drowning in toys. I need a storage room just for toys:) Can't wait until they get too big for toys. Maybe I can get my house back! Glad that Thomas is feeling better too :)

Jenners said...

Love the room! And it is like a walk down memory lane to see some of the same toys my son had but outgrew! We pretty much gave up our living room as a playroom -- you really need to do it somewhere central and where you can be close to keep an "eye" out for any problems. He considers the entire living room to be his -- and it is the biggest room in the house!

Jenners said...

Oh yeah...and we have TONS of toys too -- mostly because I get bored playing with the same things all the time and need to change it up for my own sanity!