T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Weekends are usually my catch up time - either with family, friends, or with myself.

This is what I did this weekend...

Victory Garden:

The seedlings are really starting to take off - the peas are going wild! The basil and chives are also doing well. The cucumbers finally started peaking through - they must take a little longer to germinate than the others.

I've never had huge success with lavender but the one kit Caitlin gave me has a couple of sprouts. The chamomile is also peaking through.

The ones in the back are the peas - I think I can see them growing when I'm staring at them! "It's ALIVE!!!" ~ this is what comes to mind when I see the peas!

Basil on the left, chives on the far right - Rosemary in the middle - nothing yet there.

I need to add a little more soil - this is what I picked up - I'm trying to stick to an organic garden. (Or at least as much as possible.)

Sydney Update:

Here she's outside. Note the freezer bag secured over her paw.

She's nearly done with antibiotics and no longer needs pain meds. We're doing daily bandage changes because she's sweating with it being wrapped. Yes, dogs so sweat but only through their paw pads and tongue.

Sewing project:

This is the sewing project I completed this weekend. I also made a camera case for my husband's digital camera but he liked it so much he is already using it so no photo.

Two finished pairs of toddler pants

Joann's Fabrics was having a sale so on Saturday I fed my fabric addiction (yes, I know I have lots of addictions!). Since Thomas is really into Elmo right now I purchased an Elmo print and put it on cuffs for one of the pants. The other pants are just regular flannel pants.

I used a new template this time - instead of cutting the fabric into four pieces I cut the pant legs along a fold and they are in two pieces. This saved me some time as well as some fabric. I've found these style of pants work best with potty training - easy up and down with the elastic waist. And I finished the leg cuffs so they can be rolled - I refer to them as "grow with me cuffs".

Here you can see how the fabric has been cut and pinned together.

Two different pairs of pants - left plain front view; right Elmo cuffs rear view - pockets are to make them "Dad Friendly" - so Skip can tell which is front and which is back.

Saturday Night Gaming...

Lastly, we had some friends over for gaming. I've decided since I've been posting our adventures from these gaming sessions and they are growing in number I am going to develop a separate blog just for those postings. I will post a link as soon as it is ready. In the mean time, here is a rare photo of me from Saturday night's gaming session...

Holding up the player's manual for the game we were playing.

And that, Folks, is the weekend update...


septembermom said...

Wow, you've been very busy this weekend! I'm hoping to start my first garden soon. Maybe I can get some pointers from your blog!! I wish I could sew so well. I'm glad that your little dog is doing better. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Caitlin said...

Those beans are amazing! And I love the pants! :)

shell said...

Good to see the Victory garden is movable to the inside, since the temps are pretty chilly out there right now. Good to see Sydney doing better!