T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Which Neighbor's Back Yard Do You Prefer...

A little back story first...

In our first home we had five other homes adjacent to ours. How is that even possible? Once when we were getting ready for bed we thought we heard someone walking on the deck. When we peaked out the window we saw two glowing eyes peering back. We then realized it was one of the neighbor dogs. Thus, my husband took her back. Since it was late he felt awkward going over at such a strange hour. He knocked on the door and after a few minutes he heard, "Who is it?" Skip replied, "Your neighbor. I have your dog." Finally the door opened and there was our neighbor, her little girl, and a man (not her husband) standing there with a shot gun. Remember, this is Idaho (although, not quite like Texas). Eventually that neighbor and the new boyfriend moved away after their baby daughter was born 9 months later!

Needless to say, we were ecstatic when we moved into our current home - only two neighbors - one on each side. Both families are great and don't have annoying dogs. We've all lived on the street for 2 years now. One would think that would be plenty of time to complete the landscaping - especially since we only live on 1/4 acre. Am I just being too picky? Because we live across the street from "anal" neighbor who washes his gravel and blows his grass twice a week and I don't want to be that bad!

So help me out. I need a sanity check.

You decide - which neighbor's yard do you prefer?

Neighbor on the west

Neighbor on the east - the hot tub covers up the other Adirondack chairs - one red, one blue, and you can see the yellow one. And that's a gray tarp covering his dirt yard. My theory is he spent all his money on the hot tub and could not afford the landscaping. The kicker - his house has been for sale now for over a year! He finally took down the sign but for a while it read "Indoor Plumbing". Go figure. That probably explains why he uses an ecofriendly push mower but then powers up his gas edger afterward. He likes to keep us guessing!

His yard, however, comes with cute little rock chucks. That right there could seal the deal!

Disclaimer - I love my neighbors and they really are awesome! I just hope "neighbor on the east" is not reading this. If so, please finish landscaping your yard. We'd really appreciate looking out the window and seeing more rock chucks and less flashy lawn furniture. And why do you use a push mower? Are you trying to save on emissions because your gas edger produces more emissions than 10 cars in a year every time you use it! Or, it might just be the "ecofriendly" backyard! Aahh...I think that's it!


Caitlin said...

You're not crazy- that is quite a big difference! We just complained to the HOA today about the odd smells coming from the various weeds in our neighbor's backyard...so you're not alone!
Cute rock chuck though!

Melanie said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh and hope neighbor on the east isn't reading this, then agin if he is...I love it T-Rex! I miss you, I'm so glad you found me

septembermom said...

This was so funny! I love the story about the guy knocking on the door with the shotgun. Interesting neighbor :) I can't believe someone washes his gravel. He should see my attempt at landscaping. He would run the other way. I would go for neighbor on the west. Great idea for a post!

BallerinaBiker said...

Well, it would make it all better if he'd let you use the hot tub! But, I rather like the yellow chair! : ) Love the shot gun story too!

The Scott Family said...

I think they're both better than the shot gun/affair neighbors!