T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt

This past Friday we had T Rex's friends (and their parents too) over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. For two hours our house was taken over by kids - it was marvelous! My goal was to make it as stress free on the parents as possible so they could actually sit and enjoy their meal and not worry about the kids getting into anything unsafe or making a mess as well as provide the kids with a place to chase Easter eggs (it was a rainy, yucky day so we could not meet outside). I was mentally prepared for the disaster that was going to take place and a little giddy at the idea of getting to reorganize and clean up afterward!

I think the funniest part was when we sat down to eat. I set dinner up buffet style. We ran out of chairs at the table but before I could get more chairs someone had already finished eating their meal. I realized that we've all gotten really good at eating in a hurry. That is definitely a parenting skill in and of itself!

It was great fun. Here are some highlights...

T Rex (in homemade pants) retrieving eggs in the tunnel. That's a "peep" in his right hand - which, of course, he had no interest in. This child does NOT like candy. Is there something wrong with him?

T Rex friend Cooper with his basket in hand searching for eggs. (Isn't his sweater handsome?)

At first, T Rex was feeling a little shy around Cooper's dad - look at that face. We think it might be his sophisticated French accent. That's Cooper's mom on the left. By the end of the evening, T Rex was warming up to him.

T Rex friend Joseph and his dad spinning eggs. It looked like such fun I had to put the camera down and try it for myself!

T Rex friend SW with her dad in the background - she found the basket of puffs-filled eggs. She very happily sat with me and shared her puffs - so charming. T Rex LOVED hanging out with the little girls.

T Rex friend SW with her mom and baby sister. T Rex is in the background climbing (no surprise there!)

Thanks everyone for a great time. We really hope you had a great time because we certainly did!

Happy Easter 2009!


septembermom said...

What a great idea to get everyone together (moms and dads too!) and celebrate Easter with the kids!! Such fun! All the pictures came out great. Glad that you all had a wonderful time. I love those Easter egg hunts when they are little. My bigger guys run through the Easter egg hunt like they're looking for buried treasure. It's nice when they are little and take their time. My daughter still walks around "gracefully" looking for eggs:)

Kim said...

What a generous get-together to put on. Our little guy is almost 16 months so there weren't that many festivities this year but we are looking forward to doing a hunt next year. Look forward to getting to know you guys!