T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - "Shelley"

T Rex Dad and Shelley have been friends since 4th grade. At that time they played soccer together. Since then they've been close friends through junior high, high school, etc. Hence, it just makes sense that she is now an honorary aunt and god parent to our little T Rex.

She's truly a spectacular person. Aside from the fact that she's probably the smartest person we know, she's a tremendously caring and giving person. No surprise that with such qualities she chose to become a physician. And not just any physician - an anesthesiologist (how many times did I have to spell check that one?). Yes, she was on speed dial when we were getting that epidural for T Rex's birth.

We love that's she the total sci-fi guru like us. Makes it easy to share the same interests. And it also means she gets our obscure jokes that only the most hard core Star Trek or Stargate fans would understand.

I find it interesting (and hopefully I'm not sharing too much here) that she had horrible asthma as a kid - much like our little T Rex. It gives us hope that this will not stop him from doing amazing things, just like her.

As frosting on the cake, she is married to a totally awesome guy - Rich. They have their own blog, News From Summit Ridge. They are always taking amazing trips - usually involving some kind of mountain climbing. Last year's Christmas card was taken from the top of one of those "hikes". And they're die hard Seattle Mariners fans - yes, they were even married on Safeco Field!

T Rex absolutely adores "Aunt Shelley" - her and Rich came over for dinner this weekend and T Rex took her hand and away they disappeared for 45 minutes to play until it was dinner time. Then after dinner was over he went to sit on her lap for another 20 minutes. Usually he does not sit on anyone's lap for more than a few minutes. (I can barely get him to hold still long enough to finish drinking his milk before bed.)

We feel so fortunate and blessed to have such am amazing person in our lives.

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septembermom said...

What a beautiful tribute! I love those pictures of T-Rex with Shelley! So wonderful to have such terrific friends to share the ups and downs of life:)

Nina said...

That is so great that your husband has stayed friends over all that time.

I have a friend similar but he lives about 600 miles a way. We email or text each other once in a blue moon to see how the other is doing. He is one of my oldest friends by far.

The Scott Family said...

Good friends like that are the best. Adorable pictures!

shell said...

Wow! Thanks guys. We are truly honored to be your friends and to be a part of T-Rex's life also. I am very grateful to have you both in my life and the added plus to have known Skip for such a long time. I am very lucky. Thanks for coming to the BBQ, we sure enjoyed having you guys over.