T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Weekend Project

This was last weekend's project.

I've been looking for an "after swimming" robe for T Rex. I really have not been able to find one. There was a "toweled hoodie" at our local department store but when I tried it on him, it was too small so I took it back. It's really hard to find ones in his size. So, I decided to copy the pattern from one of his hooded vests and tweak a few things and here you have it!

I think I'll probably make another one because I am very dissatisfied with the terry cloth material I used. I wanted it to be like a wearable towel but the terry cloth unravels horribly. Someone suggested using an old towel and try it again. That's an excellent idea and I might just do that. I guess that $1.99/yd fabric really lives up to its price. I used velco to fasten the hoodie rather than attempting button holes on such difficult fabric. It works perfectly and T Rex enjoys closing and opening it on his own.

Here he is modeling it while "vacuuming" the remnants of my sewing project! He is a very clean child! Note he carries two spheres in the other hand.

Next weekend's project will be May's giveaway winner - the giveaway continues until the end of the week. I am planning an apron. Click here to see what it will look like. Alternatively, if you are May's giveaway winner and you prefer something other than an apron, I am happy to make anything else I've previously used as a give away item.

Onto next weekend's project...


Caitlin said...

It is so so so cute, and served it's purpose today! I will show you Joseph's when it comes in the mail this week, and see what you think of it.

septembermom said...

T-Rex looks so cute with his little vacuum. He's such a great helper. The after swimming robe is an adorable idea. You think up so many wonderful projects!

Nina said...

That is so cute! I keep saying I am getting out my sewing machine but I have yet to find the time.

Kim said...

I wish I sewed because this would be perfect for Deaglan!! I love the pictures of T Rex in it. What a little muffin!

Deaglan just recently started putting away his blocks. I hope that this means he will be neat but I doubt it. We're both a bit messy.