T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thought for Today...

I've been trying to get T Rex to drink something other than water and breastmilk. Someday he will be weaned and with water as his only preferred drink, I worry about nutrition. I welcome any thoughts you might have on suggestions for the kid who won't drink: apple juice or any variation which includes apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, pear juice, carrot juice, cow's milk, goat's milk, or yogurt smoothies. He'll take a couple sips and hand the cup back to me.

I even tried getting some juice boxes. Nope. No go. I finally thought maybe he might take a juice pouch. He loves apple sauce pouches. Again no go.

Today when I was drinking one of the juice pouches (yes, I'll be drinking them to avoid wasting them), I noticed a quote:

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." ~ Oscar Wilde

I guess there's my answer!

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Caitlin said...

What an appropriate quote! And so true. Is he too young to take those chewable calcium chews? Oh wait, I guess that those are sweet so he might not like them? Hard dilemma.

Katie said...

Little T-Rex won't drink milk? That's rough! What about Pediasure or Ensure? I'm guessing they're milk based and thus, probably out...what portion of nutrition are you worried he's going to miss out on? I know there are liquid and gummi vitamins on the market, but those probably don't have calcium. Perhaps your pediatrician would be able to help you out.

Kim said...

I can relate to this. But I kept at it with Deaglan. I don't really want him to drink juice but I did force cow's milk on him and now he loves it. I first would give him teaspoons out of a bowl. And then I let him sip it out of one of my cups and finally I gave him a sippy cup full of milk everyday. Eventually he would take a drink. Now he drinks milk, water and of course his fave breast milk. Keep at it!

Jenners said...

We have the same issue ... my son (who is almost 5) only drinks milk and water. He hates juice. Mostly it isn't a problem. We recently got him to drink Cranberry-Grape because of a urinary tract thing but that was doctor ordered.

Oh...but I see that he won't drink milk either. Well, that is hard. I'm not sure about that. I guess your doctor can tell you what you can do. I don't have any great ideas. I would think smoothies might work. How about chocolate milk?

Nina said...

Have you tried watering down the juice? Make it really watery and slowly add less and less water to adjust him to the taste. Just a suggestion. I can't get my little one to drink milk from a cup. It must be in his baba or forget it. Right now we are not really drinking anything except the bottle and he is getting way to old for the bottle. I really need to break him of it but have no clue how other than make it dissapear and suffer for a week or so. Good luck with yours!

Be glad he loves water, not to many kids will drink it. My oldest wont.

Melanie said...

juice is overrated, be grateful he doesn't like it. empty calories that cause tooth decay. my boys hated cow milk after I weaned them, although it didn't take too long before they came around. now a days with the four kids we go through 3-4 gallons of milk a week.

The Scott Family said...

I have absolutely no ideas for you. That quote is the best!