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T Rex Family

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - T Rex Dad

We celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday - eight wonderful years!!!

I cannot believe how quickly time passes when you're blissfully in love. So this week's tribute is for T Rex Dad. He really is the most wonderful person I know. When he and I first started to hang out he would talk about the future and what kind of life he wanted and the kind of woman he wanted to marry. I just remember saying silent prayers, "Please let it be me."

Indeed, all those prayers were answered. It's been wonderful. There have definitely been rough times but we just hang on and ride out the storm together. He is my best friend. One thing I always say is that he and I could talk non-stop the rest of our lives and we would never run out of things to talk about. We do have great conversations.

He is a wonderful husband and an amazing dad. He loves his "little guy" so much helping constantly with him. I have posted about this "man of my dreams" so I will try not to repeat myself. Rather I just want to pay tribute.

Since we already celebrated our anniversary this past weekend with a dinner outing minus a T Rex, we had another small celebration last night for the actual day. We snuggled and watched one of our favorite movies together - Charade. T Rex Dad totally reminds me of Cary Grant in this movie. And I can be as complicated as Audrey Hepburn in this sequence (and I can eat as much too). Poor guy, see what he has to deal with everyday?!?

Watch the video, you'll see what I mean. They just don't make movies like this anymore.

Happy Anniversary, My Darling...

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Brenda said...

That was a really cute clip, thanks for sharing!

septembermom said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys sound like the perfect couple:) I wish you years and years of health, love and happiness. I really enjoyed the Charade clip. They were real Hollywood royalty. You're so right that they don't make movies like this anymore. How sweet that you enjoyed this movie together. How romantic!

Kim said...

So sweet and so refreshing to hear about your love for each other! Happy anniversary!! It's true what you say about the rough times - we need to learn to just ride them out.

Would love to read a post about potty training!!

Jenners said...

Happy Anniversary! In this day and age where so many people are divorced, it is so great to hear about two people who love each other! I'm so happy for you! Finding your best friend and falling in love with them and being married is such a blessing!

Nina said...

What a great tribute. I love that you can talk and talk. My husband and I both are naturally pretty quiet. Case in point we didn't talk a whole lot in the 13 hour car ride and I wish we could find more to talk about sometimes.

Sounds like you have yourself a great catch!