T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kid 2.0

Meet the soon to be newest member of the family. We refer to the child as the "Mark II" or 2.0. These photos are from our most recent ultrasound and are just past 12 weeks gestation.

(You can see the awesome wave we witnessed in this photo.)

Yes, this would be why I've been so sickly lately. Things have improved but this little one has not yet received the memo that Mom should be feeling better already! (I've lost 5 lbs and haven't been this thin since high school.) Alas, seeing a healthy baby on the ultrasound and hearing that heartbeat makes it all worth the pains.

School is still on and I will definitely be keeping busy come January 2010!

We have tried to call each of our close friends and family personally. If we have not been able to track you down, we certainly do apologize but the news is spreading and we cannot keep it quiet for much longer!

Since this is uncharted territory for us, we welcome any advice you might have for having two little ones just over two years apart.

Thanks for sharing in our news and we'll keep you posted...


Caitlin said...

ADORABLE! I am so happy for you guys!! Wish we could offer advice- but we will be NEEDING it too! :) So happy that we are pregnant together with Round 2 (as we call it) / 2.0

septembermom said...

Your news is so wonderful! I'm actually a little teary eyed with happiness for you guys :) Lots of hugs, Jenn! Thank you for sharing the ultrasound with us. T-Rex is going to be a great big brother. Hope you start feeling better soon!! Congrats again :)

kisatrtle said...

my kids are all 27 months apart and my only advice is to sleep when you can.

Naps come and go and can never be found again once given up. So sleep when you can.

Your housework can wait.


Nina said...

Congrat's.... you must be so excited.

I like the ultra sound photo's. I told my mom by sending her and email with pictures of the ultra sound for the first child. We were not planning kids so she was thrilled.

As for advice.... Just be prepared to have two very different kids. I am amazed how night and day different my boys are. Everyone tells my this always happens.

Mommy of M's said...

Congrats!! I think it's great that you and Caitlin are pregnant together. One of my friends and I were pregnant together with both of ours too. Both sets of ours are about 6 weeks apart.

There is no advice, I'll be honest, it's hard. We were just getting comfortable with M1 when M2came along. But I think them being so close in age will be better in the long run!!

Katie said...

Holy cow, Jenn! I am so excited for you! I can't believe you managed to keep it a secret this long...I took my pregnancy test and was immediately on the phone with anyone who would listen to me. The only advice I have (and I am by no means qualified to give it, you've been a mommy longer than me) is to definitely take kisatrtle's advice and SLEEP. You're so very lucky to have a hands-on daddy and husband that helps you.

Jason and Claire said...


That is so exciting! My advice is to give yourself a break every now and then. I also started graduate school when I had my second child in just over two years. I had to put that off for a few years. You are much more disciplined than me! You might have to let some things go. Don't be too hard on yourself. I learned that the hard way. I beat myself up for the first year for not being more productive! It's definitely worth the sacrifices though. It can be the most wonderful time of your life if you remember not to sweat the small stuff and just ENJOY them! I am beyond happy for you! I hope you feel better soon. ;)

Ally said...

Yay, what fun! Congrats!

I think T-Rex is going to be an awesome helper with the baby. My advice? Take things day by day and have FUN! =)

mitchsmom said...


Ditto the others on the advice, especially to expect a different experience and different child from the first.

The close-in-age thing is hard at first but it pays off later when they can play together. Mine are 7, 10 and 12 now and we don't even have to leave home, we have our own built in playgroup. ;)

shell said...

Sorry... no advise but sure hope you start feeling better soon.

Kim said...

Yay!!!! You are telling people which means so far so good. I can remember the relief I felt with each ultrasound (at the end I had to have lots due to some minor complications) and doppler visit.

Just so you know I'll be waiting for your pioneering advice in this area as well when we get there. I'm so happy for you guys and a bit envious. I really would like to get going on a similar project soon.

Jenners said...

Wow! Congratulations!! Did you catch this from Caitlin? How cool that you will both be going through this together. And I have no advice for you ... I only have the one -- I wasn't brave enough for two! I guess you better start thinking of a new blog name soon! : )

zombiemom said...

I actually lost over 25lbs w/my first one being so sick, 10+ with the second and third. However, that would probably kill you as you are tiny!
I hope you feel better soon!
My only advice, and I'm sure you'll do fine here, is to remember to make your little guy apart of the experience and to take time for yourself!