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T Rex Family

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - Officer/Uncle Rich

This week's tribute goes to a very dear friend of ours and T Rex's honorary "Uncle Rich" with our local police department.

This past week the temperatures have been soaring into the high nineties and our dog Sydney who sleeps in the garage has just been wilting from the heat in the garage. When this happens we leave the third car garage door cracked so air can circulate. We've also been very hard on Syd about her barking habits. Several neighbors have had animal control called on their barking dogs so rather than this happen to us, we've put a bark collar on her and taught her NOT to bark.

With that being said, some kids were out last Wednesday evening burglarizing cars and thought they would sneak into our garage and steal our electronics from our cars. (And no, Sydney did NOT bark - good dog or bad dog?) We were totally lucky that's all they took - my purse was sitting on the car seat. They did, however, take my cell phone. So sorry for them - that thing was held together by scotch tape and cannot text (except in Chinese). We were not sure what to do the next morning. So, T Rex Dad called Uncle Rich who is an officer with the police department.

Thursday night he was the acting field officer so he showed up to hear our laments and get the full scoop from us.

Did I mention T Rex thinks Uncle Rich is the coolest - look at that look of admiration!

His visit was a total morale boost - just to know our story was being heard and he was very sympathetic to our situation. He encouraged T Rex Dad to add to the police report the serial numbers of our stolen iPods - which, my totally organized husband had! And he added them to the police report. Rich told us it would not be unheard of to recover the items.

Well, the next night, the kids were caught red handed in an adjacent neighborhood burglarizing more cars. Unlucky for them the did it right in front of a woman who was hiding behind her car and went in and called 9-1-1. To read the full story, visit Rich's website. And in those red hands - our iPods (can't argue with serial numbers)! Of course, a lot of questioning went into getting a confession from the kids but Rich did an amazing job and we're going to get our stuff back (minus the cell phone - guess they did not find it all that valuable)!

T Rex this is what happens to kids like the ones who broke into our garage!

If anyone is deserving of a tribute - it would be Rich. So, our thanks to you! We totally owe you - would a German Chocolate Cake be a good start?

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septembermom said...

Glad that they recovered your things! It's so nice for T-Rex to get to know a dedicated and kind officer like his Uncle Rich. Wonderful tribute post!!

Jenners said...

I love how T-Rex is looking at him! Really sweet! And I'm so glad you got your stuff back and the thieves were caught!

shell said...

Yeah.... I was pretty puffed up and proud of my guy. I am glad he was able to help get your stuff back.

Caitlin said...

So scary- I just went and double-checked our garage door! Glad it all ended well. I would definitely help you out for German Chocolate cake! :)

Katie said...

Wow, what a great story! I wish that happened up in my neck of the woods. We're having a lot of "little" things happen - graffiti and people stealing the blocks used to make retaining walls (no, I am not kidding about the second one).

Nina said...

I am amazed that the dog didn's scare them off even though he didn't bark. Pretty cool that they got caught and you will be getting your stuff back.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

I love a happy ending!
Baby faces of fascination are my favorite!

The Scott Family said...

That look of admiration is adorable. Your 'Tuesday Tribute' is a great idea. Might have to steal this one;)

Uncle Rich said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I did it all for the German Chocolate Cake. As you know, once you give a cop free food, you'll never get rid of them!

mitchsmom said...

OMG, is Uncle Rich as he appears in his pics? Maybe I need to live in a higher crime area!
Oh yeah, I have a cute husband. Well, I guess his wife can keep him. :)