T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Giveaway Updates...

A couple of giveaway updates...

June's giveaway winner was Kim over at "The Child". After a couple of delays, the toddler pack for her little one was completed and put in the mail - for a second time. Yes, the US Postal Service worker was so distracted playing with T Rex that she forgot to have me complete the customs paperwork so the package could be shipped to Canada. Luckily, the second time we saw her it was resolved. I think she just wanted us to stop in again. How can I be too down on someone who thinks my kid is cute?!? Too bad she didn't give him any free stickers (i.e. stamps) to play with!!!

Here are some photos of the completed toddler backpack...

Front view - you might be able to see the pocket I added.

Rear view - yes, those are Thomas the Tank Engines

By the way, you should read Kim's posting about their recent adventures to see Thomas - it was pretty funny!

Secondly, July's giveaway winner for the Goat's Milk Soap is Caitlin over at "It's Spelled C-A-I-T-L-I-N". Totally ironic that she would win because she was the one who introduced me to this latest indulgence of mine! Caitlin is also having her second baby about 3 weeks after we are. I'm telling you - it's in the water here in Idaho! Does anyone need me to ship you some of our water?

Lastly, I have decided to make the "What Kind of Diapers?" posting August's giveaway. Remember one person will be randomly selected to receive a Target gift card. Six days left to get those comments in and cast your vote.

I am loving all the comments I am getting but I can hardly keep up assigning a number to each and then randomly selecting one after adjusting for followers. So, this is how I will probably start running the giveaways from now on. However, please do not stop those comments from coming. I really do absolutely love reading them. And T Rex LOVES to check his. You'll see what I mean in a few days on his blog!

Congratulations to my winners - maybe it will be you next time!!!


septembermom said...

The toddler pack is so cute! I know Deaglan will love it:) Congrats to Caitlin too! I'm off to T-Rex's blog.

Kim said...

This looks awesome Jenn!!! I can't wait to receive it and I know Deaglan will love it. Thanks again so much for your thoughtfulness!!!

Nina said...

I would take some of those stickers but you can keep your water...LOL. I am just getting to old to have another one. The two I have are really wearing me out these days.

Caitlin said...

Woohoo for winning the goat's milk soap! :) I just opened our last one today to put in Joseph's bathroom- and I thought, rats, I'm going to have to order more! :)
Thanks for the giveaway- I am thrilled!

Oh, and obviously we are back now and would love to get together some time?