T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hiding in Plain Sight...

My brother and sister were out of the house before I was born so I was never a part of their early Christmas mornings together. However, I hear stories from my mom and dad who say they were the most curious kids ever. They would get up during the night and unwrap their gifts and then re-wrap them. All this because they just could not wait until Christmas morning. Evidently sometimes they got hungry during their midnight package peeking sessions. One time my mom found they had eaten all the candy canes on the tree - they only did that once because they were sick the next morning!

Fast forward twenty or so years. My sister is still unbelievably curious about the gifts under the tree. One year my brother-in-law enlisted my help to keep her out of the gift he got her. I wrapped her gift with some broken glass. When she shook the box she thought she had broken it. We let her keep thinking that until she opened it to see it was not broken but rather a lovely intact bracelet. We thought it would teach her a lesson but she still peeks at the gifts.

In keeping with my "all homemade gifts" policy this year, I made my sister's gift. She loves zebra print and loves purses so combine all these things and here's what you get:

(I'm pretty proud of this particular purse/bag)

My sister does not read my blog. Therefore, I can post the photo and rest assured that she won't see what I've made for her. Totally ironic, huh? So there you have it - I'm hiding her gift in plain sight!!!

A couple other items I completed this weekend...

Christmas pants for T Rex:

(Pants on left, close up of print on right - snuggly flannel)

Children's Christmas book for T Rex:

(Really easy but a little time consuming - I just used a single printed panel.)

Lastly, Septembermom's prize - she requested a purse. This particular variety is reversible but the photo only shows the non-solid side.

Do you have any midnight package peekers in your house?


BallerinaBiker said...

That's hilarious! And, btw, the zebra purse is SO cute! I want one! : )

septembermom said...

You know that I love it!! Thank you so much :) You have such talent!

Emily said...


I love your splendid handmade Christmas ideas!

I'm a peeker, too!

The suspense is too great. :)

shell said...

Very nice... although I must say, it is hard not scrolling down to see my gift (you had a spoiler alert) as I was one of those kids that snuck out in the middle of the night to check out the gifts... (a little influence from Mali and Brian).

Nina said...

Very cute purse. I have to tell you I decided to make a few things this year for Christmas. First, all the little girls are getting princess purses. I am using the one I won from you earlier this year as a guide. So you are helping me and I am sure you didn't even know it. :) Also, making a Mickey Mouse fleece blanket for Thomas. Wanted to do a Star Wars one for Luke but can't find fabric with Star Wars so I will just buy one.

As for a sneak in my house, Luke is becoming one. He learned last year I hide stuff in my closet. This year I am going to have to find a new hiding spot, not easy with a little house. Oh and the other day, he is standing on my counter peaking in a bag (full of stocking stuffer's) that I had put on top of the refrigerator.

Anonymous said...
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