T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Mysteries...

I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm grateful for many of the things I'm mentioning. However, these are mysteries to me...

- How do the garbage and recycling trucks always manage to time their runs during T Rex's sleeping hours - whether it be before he wakes or during nap time? How can they tell?

- Why does an unborn baby like to be most active during Mom's sleep time?

- Is it even possible to forget the words and tune to "Elmo's Song"?

- Why does T Rex become totally interested in a toy that he has not touched the moment another child touches it?

- Why are "simple" family gatherings so stressful? (I know I'm not the only one with family dynamics but why do mine seem so much more bizarre and complex than any one else's?) May the Force be with me this weekend for T Rex's birthday family gathering - my mom, dad, and stepmom will all be there - need I say more?

- Why does the dog always want to go back outside 5 minutes after coming in from being outside?

- Why do the best meteor showers happen when it's cloudy outside?

- How is it horses are scared of the most random things like hats, sagebrush, and bicycles? Don't they know they are so much bigger?

- Why does T Rex get extremely thirsty come time for bed? He will sign "drink" over and over until I give in. Otherwise, he will cry the saddest crocodile tears and I just can't resist. I'm weak.

- Why do potty accidents happen about 5 minutes after the last potty break? (Same reason dog wants out 5 minutes later too?)

- Why is it people ask for nursing/medical advise from me and then do the opposite? (Am I just not giving the answer they are looking for?)

- Why does T Rex prefer non-toys to his toys? See photo below. Need I say more?

(Trying to help the blind installation man get his work done.)

What are your life mysteries???


Caitlin said...

Excellent list, and extremely true. Another one of my mysteries: How does Joseph know the exact moment that I am happily drifting off to sleep and chose that moment to wake up? A minute earlier, and I would have still been awake!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Ahhh the great mysteries of life. Why IS IT that Elmo never leaves one's mind? My mystery-why when I actually try to make something nice/pretty etc, it ends up worse than when i don't try. hmm?

May the force truly be with you this weekend.

septembermom said...

My kids get thirsty before bed too. I agree with your mystery list. The toy thing happens all the time here too. Can't wait to see my bag!!

Nina said...

Life is so full of mysteries.... LOL.
I will never understand why kids would rather play with anything but the toys they own, except when another child wants to play with their toy. I was just saying yesterday I was going to throw out all the toys because no one plays with them.

My little one drinks a tone at bed time. The moment we are headed up stairs he is asking for a drink. I then supply it and he sucks every drop down in a moments notice. Doesn't do this any other time.