T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A B C's...

Yes, you're probably thinking this posting has something to do with my little one's current obsession with letters.

Yep - we pretty much do something letter associated multiple times during our day here. Even bath/shower time has turned to "ABC" or letter time. And T Rex can do a mean version of the ABC song.

However, this is not the purpose of this posting. Rather, I've been tagged by multiple people to do an "ABCs of Me" posting.

So, I'll see if I can do this justice. I'm not entirely sure what the rules are and if you want to play along feel free to post your own ABCs.

A - Actually one of my favorite letters - my maiden name begins with this letter and it's my favorite grade in school!

B - Balls - one of T Rex's most favorite things.

C - "C is for Cookie" - one of the current favorite tunes playing in our home on a daily basis - sung, of course, by Cookie Monster himself!

D - "Duck" - one of T Rex's early favorite words. And another favorite obsession but finally starting to wane. If I ask him what "D" stands for he will say "Duck" and "Daddy". I know T Rex Dad is happy to be somewhere on that list!

E - Elvis - my mom's all time favorite man! A close second is Tom Selleck - I happen to agree with her choices!

F - I never got one of these in school - I still shutter to think of the thought of doing so - bad nightmare!

G - Grover - My son's preferred Sesame Street character today (usually it's Elmo or Cookie) - maybe has something to do with the Grover sweatshirt he wore this morning to play group.

H - Home - my favorite place to be - I love being home with my family.

I - Ice cream - one of my most favorite foods! Poor T Rex Dad, I've been insisting on DQ chocolate ice cream cones as of late - usually at 8:00 at night! What a guy!

J - Most of our family members names start with J - there are a lot of us with the nickname of "J". Plus, I think it's a cool looking letter!

K - Kitchen - one of my favorite places to be at home!

L - Love - lots of love fills our home - there is not a shortage of hugs and kisses in this place. T Rex grabbed his friend today and gave him a really aggressive hug - sometimes his hugs are a little bit painful but the intent of kindness is there.

M - Momma - I never get tired of hearing T Rex's sweet little voice say "Momma" - especially when he says, "Momma, snuggles" - melts my heart!

N - Neil Armstrong - first man on the moon! Although, I think the last man on the moon - Eugene Cernan was much cooler. We're big into space travel around here. Check out T Rex's room if you haven't seen it yet.

O - Odd - I cannot think of anything O related except the shape reminds me of a ring and that makes me think of Stargate SG-1 - my most favorite TV of all time.

P - Planet Mars - I'm going there someday!

Q - Queen - I used to pretend I was a queen. I would sit in my most fancy dress with a homemade crown on my head delegating to my subjects (usually a variety of stuffed animals).

R - "Rome, by all means Rome" - a favorite place T Rex Dad and I visited about 5 years ago - I hope we can do it again some day.

S - South - I lived there for a time when I was a kid. When the other kids heard I had moved from Las Vegas they asked if I had ever played a slot machine, if there were slots in the schools, and if they taught gambling in school. I was 7! NO!

T - Target - my favorite store! Is there anything one can't find there?!?

U - Uterus - I'm not sure mine can stretch any bigger at the moment!

V - The most popular formation the geese fly in when flying over my house every morning and every evening. I love to spot and count the geese! As of late, there are too many to count - somewhere in the thousands! Awesome sight!

W - West - Oh so happy to live in the West! We might be a little too laid back here but I'm fine with that!

X - I've had more than my share of x-rays! T Rex Dad has never had a broken bone. Me, I've broken ribs, facial bones, my right arm, my left foot. Yep - I take a lot of calcium as I'm already paranoid that I'll get osteoporosis and end up breaking a hip later on in life.

Y - Yoda - I still think he's totally cool in Star Wars Episode II - he reminds me of the Looney Tunes Tazmanian Devil when he fights - always makes me smile!

Z - Zebra - a favorite animal at the zoo - I think they are hysterical looking - God seriously has a sense of humor. Giraffes are evidence of this as well!

There you have it! And, no - no baby yet! I have an OB appointment tomorrow so we'll see if I'm even getting close!


Caitlin said...

What a great idea! I had the same initial letter thoughts as you on quite a few- although for "C" I thought "cobbler" first because that is my newest craving!

Good luck at your appt. tomorrow, I am interested to see what he says. Crazy to see your pregnancy ticker say only 8 days!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm just checking out your blog for the first time. Your "A B C's..." give new meaning to "mommy brain". Cute!I'm following your blog.

Jenners said...

We've been watching all the Star Wars movies here since my Little One discovered and got obsessed with Star Wars. Yoda kicks butt!!!!

Jason and Claire said...

Yay! That was fun to read. You're still the same old Jen...all A's and no F's...ever! I love hearing how much you love being a mother. It really is the best! Rome? I want to go there. That's on my list for the next two years. You're husband is a trooper. Dairy Queen whenever you want? Nice;)

PS- I've met Tom Selleck. My mom grew up with him and even...kissed him. Should I reveal such a thing? Probably not!

Jason and Claire said...

PS- The video of your belly moving is awesome. It makes me miss being pregnant!

septembermom said...

U for uterus cracked me up!!

Fun way to share more about you and your terrific family. I would love to see Rome some day. Also, Elvis was cool back in the day. Did your Mom love those old Elvis movies? I used to watch them all the time when I was a girl.

Hope all goes well tomorrow!!

Nina said...

What a great way to learn just a little more about you. Target, my favorite store also.