T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, January 8, 2010

Last Day of Freedom Before School Starts Again...

Oh, and not to forget squeezing in or should I say squeezing out a baby sometime soon too...

So what's been occupying my free days???

Well, a couple a small projects, finishing a book (The Host - has anyone else read it?), assembling baby equipment (swing, bassinet, etc.), hosting play dates as well as attending play dates, and lots and lots of organizing and cleaning. The instinct to nest is unbelievably powerful!

Yesterday, I hosted a rather large play group here at the house. I was actually a little giddy when everyone left knowing I would get to clean up and organize - I sound a little like "Monica" from "Friends," don't I? But it's true. I love to clean up an organize. My New Years resolution, which is much the same as last year's, is GASO - Get And Stay Organized. And we are off to a good start thanks to that whole nesting instinct.

By the way, it has also totally gotten to T Rex Dad, too. He is SO pregnant - emotional, teary, tired, back achy. I think it's because he is so in tune with me. Although, he does admit that if our childbearing needs were left to him we would be adopting so at least he does not feel jilted that he doesn't get to experience the wonder of carrying a child inside or pushing said child out. And, he, too, has the compulsive need to clean these days.

Unfortunately, T Rex Dad is rolling out a big work project this week. We spoke with our daughter about making sure she did not make her appearance this week so he could finish up. Thus, he has been working long and late hours to be ready in case anything happens soon.

Therefore, I enlisted the "other man of the house" to help set up the baby swing. All I can say is good thing it has a 30 lb weight limit and our little T Rex is only 28 lbs. This is what I found him doing earlier today...

I wonder if he remembers being in this swing. Probably not but he knew exactly how to work it. This was a life saver when T Rex was a baby - I used to get some of the best naps out of him while he was in this swing. Although, it always had to be set to the highest setting.

So there you have the latest happenings. I will try to keep posting regularly as well as let you all know when Little Girl makes her entrance into the world. I am still taking suggestions as to her blog name. We won't be sharing her real name on the blog. However, with school starting and a new baby arriving I am not certain how good my time management skills will be so I might not be posting as often. In the mean time, be well...


Caitlin said...

Hope you and TREX Dad enjoy some well deserved rest this weekend!! Maybe some of your nesting and organizational desires will rub off on me...I've plateau-d for the moment!
Can't wait to meet your baby girl!
What was the name of the little girl on the Flintstones? I don't remember, so I don't remember if it's cute or not...just something that came to me.

septembermom said...

Funny how T-Rex Dad is feeling a bit preggo too! Glad to hear that he's so helpful. I hope you get some rest this weekend. You deserve it! T-Rex looks cute in the swing. He'll be a helpful big brother watching little sister in that swing. I bet he'll make funny faces all the time :)

Following up on Caitlin's comment, the little girl on the Flintstones was Pebbles.

Jenners said...

I love T-Rex Dad's sympathy pregnancy!!!

Enjoy the "calm" before the storm ... though it doesn't sound all that calm. You are amazingly busy.

Can't wait to meet your new girl! Will she share a blog with T-Rex?

Ginger said...

Love that nesting instinct! It's like an adrenaline rush. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that enjoys organizing - even when I'm not pregnant. I hope these next few days go well. It sounds like you'll be one busy bee.

And don't feel pressured to keep up on the blog . . . yes, we like to know what's going on miles away but, we totally understand that life gets busy.

Emily said...

Poor Dad's...they do have to deal with a lot. So grateful for them!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the adorable changing pad and burp cloths!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!

Thanks a ton!

Sending lots of happy wishes your way! :)

Nina said...

He looks so joyful in that swing. I was never successful using a swing. Neither of my kids would stay in the one I had.

Can't wait to see pic's of the new little one. For now get lots of rest because well you know what is coming. :)