T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blissful Happiness...

Thank you, Kim, for the award - I am to list ten things that make me blissfully happy. Since I'm a new mom (for the second time), I thought I would list ten things I like about being a new mom - again...

(not in any particular order)

1. New baby smell - what is it about that new baby smell? I can't get enough.

2. Those tiny baby features - T Rex has been obsessed with counting Baby Sister's toes and fingers - and I just love seeing those tiny feet - I LOVE baby feet!

3. Baby snuggles - our new little one is just the snuggliest little thing - she likes to nuzzle right in under my neck. And then I can feel her soft breath on my skin.

4. Baby breath - I used to be so charmed by puppy breath but baby breath is so much sweeter and then there's the milk mustache that goes along with it.

5. Breastfeeding - I know that sounds weird to some folks but I actually really enjoy nursing my babes - although, when they are at this "noodle head" stage it is more challenging than I remembered but I enjoy the quiet contemplative time bonding with my youngling. I was so sad when I weaned T Rex about 6 months ago. And I think having nursed so recently has made things so much easier - my milk came in only 2 days after Little Girl was born and I've had very minimal sensitivity. Plus, there is the added bonus of enjoying some feminine curves as I am normally not so well endowed!

6. Not being pregnant any more - I have to admit, it is strange (and at times sad) no longer having the little one inside. I have to remind myself I can once again tie my shoes and bend at the waist. And T Rex is so happy to once again be able to sit in my lap for close snuggles. Additionally, it's amazing what kind of appetite I've developed since the nausea of pregnancy is gone and I'm making milk - can you say eat-a-thon?!? Thankfully, so many wonderful friends and family have brought over meals - we have been eating SO good around here!

7. Instant weight loss - I gained about 25 lbs total this pregnancy compared to 40 lbs with T Rex. In the past week I've dropped 15 lbs and am hoping to drop a few more in the forthcoming weeks. Always exciting to check the scale daily to see the pounds melt away.

8. Seeing my oldest interact with my youngest - T Rex is just the best big brother - he so loves "Baby Sister". If she is not in the room he inquires about her and has to see that she is alright. And he is my little helper - taking diapers to the trash.

9. Seeing my husband change diapers and snuggle the baby. My father was never really all that involved in my life when I was young, and especially not when I was a young child. I'm certain he never changed a diaper. Maybe that's why I am so grateful to be married to a man that insists on being so involved in the care of our children. (He's tucking T Rex in bed as I type.) He has, by far, changed more #2 diapers than I have.

10. Just thinking about being a mom - I'm a mom and a mom of kids. No longer can I say I have a child. No, I have kids - with an "s" - gosh, does this mean I'm a grown-up now?


Caitlin said...

Lovely post- so sweet! Makes me even more anxious to get this little guy here! I love the new-baby stage! :)

Nina said...

I would say "yes" you are a grown up now. It is so great to be a mom and have kids. The nursing was one of my favorite parts so I understand. I also liked that it forced me to slow down and just relax and enjoy my baby. Not be so worried about all the other stuff that needed done, it had to wait.

septembermom said...

You make me want to have another baby with this post :) So sweet. How nice that you're having all these happy times with your beautiful family. I miss breastfeeding. It was always a great experience for me, exhausting but fulfilling.

Jenners said...

I love baby feet too! And I got to hold a baby the other day and it took me right back to how they can fit on your chest and just snuggle up to you. You sound just blissed out and that is wonderful!!!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

The golden moments of being a mom. Isn't it wonderful!