T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg-stravaganza...

A very full Easter weekend...

First, my dad came to town and we had an Easter gathering at my sister's place Friday night. He came to meet his newest grandchild - T Rex Princess.

In classic form, my sister had a full evening of activities planned for all of us. T Rex dyed a few eggs (see his blog for a full report of his Easter activities) while the rest of the family either helped or watched.

Saturday brought the play group Easter gathering. That was a bit stressful as T Rex Dad worked all day so it was a little hectic getting everything pulled together but in the end I think it was a success.

Caitlin and Colleen (the two other founding member moms) and their newest babies.

T Rex hunting eggs - every photo is blurry because he was going a million miles a hour in every direction.

Easter morning...

Photos with the kids - I've been wanting a photo of me with the kids.

Attempt #1

Attempt #? - finally a decent photo - guess this is realistic, huh? They are never smiling at the same time.

Later in the morning my family came over for Easter brunch. We took this opportunity to have T Rex Dad take family photos of us. Here are some of the results. My sister and her family do not like having their faces published for privacy purposes so that is why their photos are missing but theirs turned out really good, too.

T Rex Princess and me with my Dad - T Rex was "all done" with photos.

With my mom.

T Rex Family minus T Rex - once again, he was SO "all done" with photos. I think at this point he might have been in time out but in his defense, it was WAY past his nap time.

Yes, even Anya got in on the Easter fun action. T Rex put his Easter stuffed animals in her bed and she took the opportunity to snuggle up with them.

Here's the highlights of a very busy but very nice Easter weekend. How was your Easter holiday?


Emily said...

I've never seen your dad. But I have to say...you are a perfect mix of both of your folks!

And I still think that your princess looks just like YOU!

Glad you had a nice Easter. Love the pictures!!

septembermom said...

What lovely pictures of everyone! So glad that you had a nice Easter!!

mitchsmom said...

Looks like you had a great day! We had a quiet day... dh is on a long string of nights so it was low key. I wish I could have been with (far away) family for the day but the day itself was beautiful and we had a fairly peaceful family day. :)

Nina said...

Oh get used to that tough photo thing. It seems one is always make a bad face or looking away. Even still it is tough but maybe someday it will get easier.

Looks like a lot of fun events for Easter. I need to post all our Easter fun but not feeling well and I am ready to get off the computer for today.

Jenners said...

I admire T-Rex for speaking his mind! Good boy!

And what a lovely bunch of photos and family you have!