T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Living Doll...

I loved playing with dolls when I was a little girl. It was a big deal any time I got a new doll and I was obsessed with finding the most realistic one. Once I had one that I could feed and then it would "wet" its diapers. That was fun. Then I went through the whole Cabbage Patch Kids phase - those had birth certificates.

Then I had T Rex - rude awakening. He was not easy-going like my baby-dolls had been. He demanded constant attention and did not like to be held or cuddled and was very easily over-stimulated.

Enter T Rex Princess - here's my living doll experience I've been waiting for. She likes to play dress up and is most agreeable to all my crazy whims and jags. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely adore T Rex. He's my special little guy and my first born - the first baby I ever loved and called mine. But it's very refreshing to have this newest little one who humors her mom and let's her "play dolly".

So I mentioned one of those crazy whims I'm putting her through. Well, I've started having her "sit" on the potty when I find her diaper to be dry. I know it sounds crazy but holding her over the toilet is not too dissimilar to what people in non-industrialized countries do. They just hold the baby up and it does its thing. We've been doing this for the past 4-5 weeks and thus far I have about six #1's and three #2's. I've mentioned previously how much I don't enjoy changing diapers so that's nine less I'll ever have to change.

This technique is referred to as infant potty training. Babies put through this technique potty train about 5-6 months earlier than normal. We started full on potty training with T Rex at 14 months and he was pretty much there by 18 months and totally there by his second birthday. So, we'll see what transpires with this little girl. I always thought my mom was crazy when she said all her babies were potty trained by 14 months but I guess she really was telling the truth.

When T Rex Princess is not potty training she is sporting some pretty charming diapers. You've seen the Bummis previously. Here are some of the "newer" styles she has:

These are Bumkins and I found a barely used set at the children's consignment store for a great deal.

These are the homemade ones that a blog follower mitchsmom sent me - they are pretty good and all unique in their own ways. I put my Bummis waterproof covers over them and they rock.

I'm not sure what my "living doll" will say to all this when she is grown or even a mother herself, but at least I can say I got my full doll experience!


septembermom said...

She is truly a doll!! So cute, such a beauty :) Enjoy every moment with those wonderful kids. Thanks always for your support and friendship and your kind words about my poetry :)

Nina said...

I love it! I read a whole book about potty training babies but they called it EC'ing your baby. Keep it up because everything I read, they will adapt to this and potty training will be so much easier over time. When I did it with my little guy we used a disposable little bowl when he was very tiny. It was much easier and it was what my book recommended and eventually I bought an infant potty. However I was not successful at it after going back to work so we are still potty training struggling today.

Anonymous said...

It's been a while...so hi!

I loved my cabbage patch dolls...and I love having a daughter to "dress up"...She's four now, and though it seems young to me she definitely has a mind of her own...I've not tried the infant potty training but heard about it. Continued success.

Kim said...

She is so adorable!! I will miss the whole doll thing with my boys. I was really into barbies and making barbie clothes. Oh well, I'm finding myself very interested in trains and trucks. I guess I will indulge in my love of books and hope they do too!

Jenners said...

I'm glad your new "doll" is being so agreeable! And this is the first I've heard about infant potty training. Whatever works, I say!

Emily said...

Girl ARE so much fun! And with all that hair...she's like a cornsilk cabbage patch! BONUS!!

I am amazed with you and your potty training...you do SO many good things!

Truly an inspiration to all!

Ginger said...

I agree that girls are so much fun to dress up! Though our little boys don't like playing dress-up as much Lillie sure has been a great "fashion consultant" to them.

I'm impressed that you're trying the infant potty training! You'll be a great resource for new moms when you finish your schooling! Well, even before you finish....

Best wishes in all that you do!