T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Morning Visitors are Back...

Last year about this time of the year, we had some morning visitors. This year it would appear last year's baby is now this year's full grown rock chuck. T Rex loved them last year and was just as excited to see them again this year.

The only exception this year, aside that baby is all grown up, is that T Rex can talk about it. And not just talk about it but go on and on and on endlessly about it - "Rock chuck go bye bye. Rock chuck go over the rocks" - you get the idea. I find sometimes that I totally tune him out to the detriment of T Rex Dad. He will ask me a question and I don't reply simply because I'm used to a toddler jabbering endlessly during the day.

In fact, today we instituted a new "game" - quiet time. It consists of quiet activities and little or no talking. This is for my sanity plus, T Rex needs to learn how to be quiet as there are times when it is necessary.

We live against a nature preserve so we get some interesting visitors both on land and via air. These are by far some of the cutest.

Today at the neighborhood park we stood amidst a colony of chipmunk-like creatures. I had T Rex Princess in the chest pack so I could not get down at their level to take photos but I think these illustrate what it was like.

We're certainly enjoying the small creatures!


Nina said...

Isn't it funny how much chatter a 2 year old can produce. I laugh because my 2 year old goes on and on and on. Plus he is such a story teller about so many things. Preschool marks on his paper every day that he was chatty today. I can only imagine what they are being told. Fun! Fun!

septembermom said...

Wow! You do get a bunch of furry visitors. My boys would enjoy hearing T Rex talk about them. Jillian would probably freak out if she saw one!

Jenners said...

I feel your pain on the non-stop talking. My Little One is the same way ... no wonder I end each day with a headache!

Caitlin said...

adorable rock chucks!
and "quiet time" is sounding REALLY good these days... the repetitive-ness drives me crazy!

Emily said...

Those are pretty cute actually. I am so glad gopher's aren't that big. So cute of T-Rex watching from the window.