T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Freezing Time...

Do you ever just want to freeze time? I feel like that all the time. These little kiddos are just so sweet and cute. We're trying to savor every wonderful moment we have with them. Someday they'll be grown and gone and we're just going to look back at these times as the pinnacle of our lives. It's true. Life is hard with two small kids, don't get me wrong, but it's also wonderfully fabulous. (And it helps that they are both sleeping through the night now!)

There is not much to report - we've been busy but just doing normal stuff. I have a giant school paper/project due in two weeks. It's a group project and you know how fond I am of those! But at least my vitamin/mineral/herb presentation yielded 100% - yes, that was cause for sushi dinner celebration! Thanks to my mom we went kid free on our first solo date in months.

T Rex Dad's work project finally went off successfully after three tries. That's a load of his shoulders and it will be nice to see him during daylight hours. (Especially since here it gets light at 6:00 am and dark at 8:00 pm.)

The weather has been typical Idaho in spring. Here's the view from my back window right now - raining but it will green up those foothills.

And with the rain and cold it means bundling up (an excuse for some kid cuteness):

This past weekend was the first in a long while where we did not have company in town or other things going on so I took advantage of the time to make a couple more pairs of pants for T Rex:

The ones on the left are suitable for pajamas as they are made with flame-resistant material. The ones on the right are for everyday wear. I still have 4 more pairs to make but this was a good start. I also completed a couple pairs for the little princess - I'll post some of her wearing them on her blog later this week as well as T Rex wearing some of his newest pants on his blog later in the week.

Lastly, my cousin is getting married next month and it's an ecofriendly wedding. I consider us to be decently ecofriendly or at least not crazy over the top. Yesterday I was shopping at our local co-op and saw these disposable plates made from fallen leaves. Now that's what I consider over the top. But we cloth diaper our baby, drive fairly fuel efficient cars, and most of our lights are fluorescent. I even recently started hanging my clothes on a rack for drying. We try. But am I going to pay $10 for a two person setting of disposable plates made from fallen leaves?!? No. But interesting concept. Anyways, I digress. We decided to make most of the elements to the gift. I'll post the finished product when we're totally done but here is a beginning:

Knitted - with bamboo needles and made from ecofriendly yarn - a dish cloth.

So, as I said, a lot of normal stuff happening around here. We love our lives and spending time with our kids. I just wish we could freeze time or at least put it on slow motion just so we can savor these moments just a little longer. If you figure out a way to do this, please pass it along. In the mean time, I'll continue to contemplate Einstein's theory of relativity in hopes that when I am old and gray sitting in my senior center and missing these days I can get into my time machine and go back to experience holding my little ones, touching their soft, soft skin, hearing their melodic voices, and reading them the same caterpillar story over and over and over...


Jenners said...

You have the right attitude about appreciating this time when they are young! I need to remember that more often now that I have a "back talker."

And congrats on that 100%! Yay for you!

Caitlin said...

Beautifully written, and so true. I do think that these next few years will be the pinnacle of our lives!

Beautiful natural yarn! I'm sure she'll love it!

Emily said...

You constantly amaze me!

I like you A LOT!!

Anonymous said...

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