T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainbow at the End of the Storm...

We've had what I call the T Rex trifecta week.

You've seen the postings - peanut allergy, eye patch, and yesterday a confirmed sinus infection. Poor sweet little guy. It's really been tough. He's been so grumpy and tantruming at nearly nothing.

I know how horrible I feel when I have a sinus infection and I've also experienced an anaphylactic reaction like he had - really not fun. I've also noticed the two hours of daily eye patching makes his weak eye tired and he complains of headaches.

The sinus infection has been triggering asthma symptoms which means we have to use his rescue medication (albuterol). It definitely helps him breathe better and stop wheezing. The only problem is it makes him hyper. Grumpy and hyper - nice combo. I can only begin imagine what he is feeling. Hence I've been quite lenient with correcting his outbursts. I'm still feeling skiddish after his last visit to time out.

Something that has been most traumatic for all of us is administering eye drops and nasal spray. I try to avoid antibiotics when possible but this sinus infection was triggering asthma so it required antibiotic intervention. We are trying a topical antibiotic - Bactriban. It's an antibiotic nasal spray. It has to be compounded at the pharmacy but at least it's topical rather than systemic. Hence, no diarrhea which T Rex always seems to get when taking antibiotics. It's a good compromise. I didn't want my little guy to suffer the embarrassment of having a potty accident due to diarrhea - he gets really upset. Such a sensitive child. But administering the nasal drops has not been fun. He does not mind getting his nose suctioned out but he does draw the line there.

All this has also meant no outings - at least none unless they involve seeing a health care provider. So sad when the fish tank at the allergy office, the quacking duck at the eye clinic, and the toy bus at the pediatrician's office are the highlights of a child's week.

However, he has been introduced to the world of Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang of Toy Story. So I'm thinking when all this is behind us we'll be taking him to his very first movie at the theater. (Today I picked him up some army men at the antique store - he was SO excited. I'm looking for a Mr. Potato Head to add to the mix!)

As tough as the past couple weeks have been, I am still thankful. Why? Thankful that I get to go through these trials with such an amazing young person. And also to experience some of my finest moments as a mother as well as some of my worst, too. Thankful for a husband that is always by my side. And thankful for having the sweetest, happiest baby girl. I don't know where she gets her patience from but I am learning from her!

Indeed, there are certainly rainbows to be seen at the end of every storm - you just have to look for them.

(Photo is of a double rainbow we saw this past week after a sudden, rather violent unexpected spring storm. Very fitting, don't you think?)


Jenners said...

Oh ... poor T-Rex. The kid has just been through a terrible terrible time these past few weeks ... as had his parents. It is tough on everyone when one member of the family goes through so much miserable stuff. We are anxiously awaiting Toy Story 3 too.

septembermom said...

You have to love T-Rex's resilience these days. Poor little guy.

He'll LOVE Toy Story 3! I can't wait to see it too.

Camie said...

It's never fun when the little kiddos end up feeling miserable and start acting just as miserable. Poor little fella and poor mommy to boot! Hang in there. The sun will start shinning again soon!

Erin said...

Poor little man! He'll love toy story. We are planning on take Thomas on Sat to see it!!

Emily said...

It's just like the quote I have hanging by my bed..."Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain".

You are amazing.

Keep dancing!