T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day!!!

Enjoying some family time downtown wearing our red, white, and blue colors.

A very real photo - T Rex is not a fan of posed photos.

This is me using my new "water ring sling" - it's mesh netting material double thick. The intent is that it's cool for summer wearing and able to get wet. And I did make it. A one hour project and only $10! It took longer to get the special ring in the mail than anything else.

Good to see the aliens have returned my sweet little guy - he is back to his normal sweet self. He was so happy to get out and run and enjoy the nice day.

Did you remember to fly your flag today?


Erin said...

Good job with the sling! Looks like it works like a charm!

Emily said...

Love the sling!

Hooray for Flag Day. We flew our flag and had red, white and blue dinner and FHE lesson on the history of the Star Spangled Banner song.

Love this country!

Love your blog.

Jenners said...

Love the bow!!! Sling looks good too. But the bow is beyond adorable. And ... uh ... I didn't know it was Flag Day.

Together We Save said...

Great pictures!! I love that sling!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks happy! I love your sling, too. That fabulous that you made it.

Sadly we didn't do anything special for Flag Day this year.

septembermom said...

A happy T-Rex makes me smile :) The sling looks so cute on you. (I think ANYTHING would look cute on you though :)

Nina said...

Looks like lots of fun. I like the sling you made. I am hoping one day I can find the time to do more projects.

Sorry, didn't hang our flag. The post that we use to hang it on broke and we have not fixed it. When it wasn't broken we flew our flag all the time. Loved it!!!

lizhasalife said...

I'm super impressed with the sling! I want to make one! Did you find the pattern somewhere? And it's great to see T Rex looking so happy and feeling great :)

Kim said...

I love that sling. My friends from work gifted me with a moby but on these hot days, your mesh one sounds a lot cooler in every sense.

You look great by the way!