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T Rex Family

Monday, July 19, 2010

Reusable Baby Wipes...

Shortly after we started cloth diapering, we also started using reusable baby wipes. Not only is it another way to add to our baby cost savings efforts while I am in graduate school but it's also quite environmentally friendly. We estimate we will save close to $500 just by using reusable wipes. The start up cost is minimal. Here's how we do it...

I actually make my own wipes solution. I found my recipe from
here. There are several but my favorite is the Lavender/Tea Tree Oil solution.

My ingredients:

3 cups distilled water, 1/8 cup olive oil, 1 tbsp baby wash (we use Burt's Bees), 1/8 tsp lavender oil, 4 drops tea tree oil (lavender and tea tree oils are essential oils)

Mix all ingredients together and pour into desired containers. Shake well before using since oil tends to separate. Because there are no preservatives, I actually put any remaining solution that won't be used within a week into the refrigerator. I'm a bit paranoid that way but I tend to be more conservative when it comes to my kids. If you'd prefer to not make your own, there are some commercially available.

I have two types of bottles - spray and squirt. My "squirt" bottles are actually my "peri-bottles" from my postpartum days with the kids. They were so useful I had to keep them around (especially after T Rex was born - he left me with a nice third degree and many, many stitches - but I digress).

Some of the wipes I put into a travel wipes container - one I've recycled from my disposable wipes days. The dry wipes are put into the container and solution is poured over them until they reach the desired dampness.

For my diaper bag I use a spray bottle and carry dry wipes. This is because I sometimes go many days or even over a week without taking the baby out and I don't want the wipes staying wet for too long without being used. With this system, when I need a wipe I spray either the wipe itself or my daughter 's bottom or sometimes both until the mess is clean.
I'll usually just put the wipes right into my diaper pail. Occasionally, if they are particularly soiled I will rinse before doing so. I've also tossed the wipes into my regular laundry as well.

For wipes I have a few different types. Initially, I made some from flannel scraps (orange wipes in photo). I also made some fancier ones also from scraps of flannel on one side and some other blue fuzzy material. These work pretty good and are super-economical.

I purchased two other kinds from my two favorite cloth diaper suppliers -
Cotton Babies and Kelly's Closet. The colored wipes are Thirsties Fab Cloth Wipes and come in a pack of 6 for $10.75. These are awesome, super soft, and have held up nicely in the wash. We especially like them for wiping toddler faces after messy meals like mac n cheese. The other natural colored wipe is a Kissaluvs Baby Wipe priced at $1.25 each. These are not my favorite for cleaning baby bottoms as they are kind of rough but they are wonderful for hands and faces.

I would say I've invested about $25 in wipes and supplies to get started. That's a box of Costco sized disposable wipes which last us only about a month. I say, if you have young children, give it a try and see what happens. Even if you don't cloth diaper your child, you're bound to enjoy the savings from not having to purchase wipes or the dreaded terror of finding you've run out and your little one has a blowout or as T Rex says of baby sister - "A BIG Giant Number 2!" And if you are tired of blow outs, then give cloth diapers a try - we've only had 2 since we made the switch 5 months ago.


Julie Kieras said...

yay! Thank you for the link back! And, I have to try your recipe b/c I have both oils on hand! Thanks!!!

Emily said...

WOW! I am for sure making these!!

You DO beat ALL!

Thanks for the tutorial and the grand idea!

lizhasalife said...

Awesome post mama! The cloth wipes are so easy and a great way to "try-out" the whole cloth thing. I love that I only use a couple cloth wipes where before I would use a long string of the disposable ones!

Thanks for the link to the wipe giveaway! Off to enter :)

Nina said...

I have about two boxes of wipes left from diaper days but don't see us going through them anytime soon since we are out of diapers. Yeah!!! I like the idea and how you do the travel ones is great. I keep a box in my car for messy faces and hands and they dry up this time of year and freeze in the winter months.

septembermom said...

What a good idea. I'm sure many moms would appreciate this post!