T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, September 9, 2010

From Our Good Neighbors...

Great Entertainment...

As you can see, even Bebe Sister is getting in on the action.

There is a reason T Rex calls them "Good Neighbors D & M"!

Thanks! We love them!


Rey said...

Boxes are the best! That is cool that your neighbors thought of you before throwing them out!

As for your question on my blog- I totally want the excalibur dehydrator 3900 w/9 stackable trays! The square shape makes it easier to do fruit leathers, the grate/mesh is smaller so you can do herbs and corn and what not in it without using a net or cheesecloth and you can fit a ton more in them!
The books are Dehydration made simple & Putting Food By (which is a canning/freezing/dehydrating book. They are oldies, I'm sure there are better updated versions out there now. But they were a pleasant surprise in box I had forgetten about!

Nina said...

Hello, hello!!! They look like they are having fun. In my house an empty box provides way more entertainment than any toy I could buy.

I have not posted anything just wanted to see what you have been doing and say hi! I do miss everyone so much but I am so much busier than I ever imagined I would be. Just to give you a little glimpse, I have been working on my dinning room, painting and all the new wood work detail. Can't wait to share before and after pic's. I have also canned a lot of spaghetti sauce, pickles and salsa. I had so many cucumbers and tomato's this year it was amazing. One of my canning sessions I managed to bring my 20 year old stove to its breaking point. I finally got a new one yesterday after a month without one. I couldn't just buy a new stove, had to have a new refrigerator also (another 20 year old appliance). Now my kitchen needs some work as things do not fit like they did before. Plus school has started, soccer is mid season now, piano lessons for Luke are about to start, thinking of joining the school PTO and Thomas continues to catch every illness that crosses his path. Think that is enough to do? I promise I will be posting again by October.

Emily said...

Everything is better with a cardboard box!

septembermom said...

There is nothing like a big box to make a kid smile with anticipation and imagination. Love all the pictures.