T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Happy Landing...

Sometimes it feels like we're only flying half a ship - especially lately.

School is in full gear - online classes, live classes, and clinical rotations. Talk about a serious crash course in pulling everything together - assessing patients, diagnosing, prescribing, etc. It's really cool to see how everything is coming together. But it's also really challenging to focus, especially, when the kids are both sick.

Both the kids came down with high fevers Monday and since then chaos reigned. This was Bebe Sister's first official illness. That's pretty good, I'd say. Considering she's nearly 8 months old. It was particularly bad for her. She did not sleep for 3 days, refused to nurse (won't take a bottle either even when healthy), and it was like holding a heater she was so warm. Even when she tried to sleep she was so listless and generally moaned in her sleep. The only way we could keep her hydrated was for me to pump milk and for T Rex Dad to use a medicine dropper to feed her the milk.

T Rex was actually a trooper - I know he felt miserable because he would walk around making unintentional little puppy cries. So sad. He was actually genuinely sad for his sister and would pace nervously during her endless crying fits saying over and over, "Mama, Dada make Bebe Sister feel better." Then he would try to jump up and down (which usually makes her giggle) or sing her special song (again, usually at least a smile). Sometime this would help her stop crying but no smile or giggle.

I could not miss class on Wednesday but we were offering supportive care (Motrin/Tylenol) so at least my mom was no overwhelmed with sick kids. And I know she is a high level mom - she kept the kids on schedule and even managed to make me some green chili for dinner. Aaahhh - so nice to come home to my happy kids and green chili. T Rex Dad had to work late but by the time he came home, T Rex Princess had taken up breastfeeding again and everyone was fever free.

So, "not to worry we are still flying half a ship" and have found ourselves with "another happy landing"!

(P.S. Anyone know where the quotes came from?)
(P.S.S. The photo is of the kids sporting their Dad's Alma Mater.)


Erin said...

So glad to hear they are feeling better! It's so awful to have sick kids...espeically when they are whimpering like little puppies...poor guy!

septembermom said...

Oh no! I'm sorry that they were sick. I'm glad that they're feeling better now. My kids wouldn't take bottles either when I nursed them. Good luck with your school schedule. I know you'll sail through it all fabulously. And with your pretty smile :) Hugs to your little ones.

JKMommy said...

I so love keeping up with your family! So I tagged you in a blog post to share your blog with my readers! Hope you don't mind! Feel free to respond with a blog post of your own!