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T Rex Family

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is Me - Eight Questions - 300th posting!!!

This is my 300th posting. It's been nearly 2 years since I started this blog. It's been wonderful. Especially connecting with some amazing people and making friends I would never have ever thought. And someday, I hope to meet those of you whom I haven't met in person.

We've enjoyed sharing our lives with you and look forward to continuing to do so. So here's to another 300 postings!

I was tagged by
JKMommy to share some tidbits about me. Enjoy.

1) What book did you finish last and did you like it?
Last book I finished was a school related one - The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. I had a love hate relationship with it. It is about a Hmong girl who had a seizure disorder and the difficulties in treating her condition due to cultural barriers.

2) What are you up to this weekend? Last weekend I canned pears, chased little kids, and worked on lots and lots of school work. This coming weekend - lots of projects for my nephew's school auction fundraiser (I'll post photos of my finished products), some D&D (yes, I'm a geek - I challenge you to find another female who plays!), and 3 quizzes for my advanced health assessment class as well as 1 assignment for rural health nursing. My Auntie Edith accused me of never sleeping. Actually I average 6-7 hours/night.

3) When and why did you start blogging? About 300 posts and almost 2 years ago (October 15, 2008, to be exact) I started blogging (my son started a few weeks prior to that)! We started blogging and continue to do so mostly to keep family and friends up-to-date on our happenings.

4) What is your favorite part of your blog or blogging in general? I love comments - hint, hint! And I really enjoy connecting with friends, family, and blogging buddies. As for the favorite part of my blog aside from the aforementioned, I'd have to say the photos of my kids together.

5) Do you recycle? Definitely! We have the biggest recycle bin the waste service offers and we always have twice as much recycling as trash. We also are into used clothing which is a form of recycling.

6) Are you crafty? Hmmm - I'll let my followers answer for me! I'll just say I'm decent with a sewing machine and adequate with knitting needles but I have a great time and that's what's important.

7) What is your favorite sport? A favorite team? Hmmm - I don't have an answer to this because I don't really watch sports. I was a cheerleader in junior and high school - sometimes watching 8-10 games a week. Thus, I think I hit my lifetime fill of sports. Go MVHS Pirates! However, I did graduate from Boise State University and the football team is one of the best in the country so I should have probably went with the BSU Broncos but I'm opting for honesty.

8) And I have to ask. Are you a crunchy mama? Two years ago I would have said no. Now, probably. Nearly every meal we prepare at home is either completely organic or at least 85% organically grown. Even the meat we get is hormone free and fed organic grain. The baby does not get anything unless it is organic and the toddler is allowed some non-organically grown foods now that he's a bit older. We're worried about all the pesticides and hormones in foods and the long-term health effects on young, developing bodies.

We are passionate about cloth diapering. It is possible that disposable diapers may have contributed to our son's asthma. Initially it was a money-saving rationale for going cloth but the more and more we read about the health benefits of cloth, we are so happy we are disposable free - not a single one in the house!
Goggle dioxins and disposable diapers.

And we're big on breastfeeding around here. T Rex Princess is still going strong. We've been a little slow to transition to solids but she's getting there. I worry about meeting her vitamin requirements since I've seen kids in clinic that have vitamin deficiencies due to extended breastfeeding. So far, though, she's maintaining an excellent balance between her milk drinking and consumption of "mush" (as her big brother calls it).

Thank you JKMommy for tagging me for this. I really enjoy her blog and would recommend you take a moment to stop over and say hello and tell her T Rex Mom sent you. If enough of you do, she might just get a pair of my homemade toddler pants for her little guy. (I've been wanting an excuse to make her darling son some!) After all - it is my 300th post and I have to do something to mark the occasion!

P.S. I am now on Facebook if you'd like to follow T Rex Mom on Facebook.


Caitlin said...

Congrats on your 300th post! And yes, you are the craftiest (and crunchiest!:) ) person I know in real life!

I also don't know how you do all the things that you do and still sleep!

Jenners said...

You are totally crafty!!! What the heck are you saying!???!!!

And yay for 300 posts! Here's to 300 more!

JKMommy said...

You are TOO sweet! Especially about recommending me to your readers - I take that as a VERY high compliment!
I love your blog - and like you said, the pictures are amazing - what I love is that you have the neatest little "captions" and explanations to go with each photo so I really feel drawn along through the story you're sharing with the photos...
Congrats about your 300th post (WOW) and it has been fun to get to know you better each time I read!

septembermom said...

Congratulations on your 300th post!! That's terrific :) I love visiting you. Your blog is always welcoming and joyful. I love all your pictures, your craftiness, your insights, your humor, and your friendship here in the bloggy world. You're one of the sweetest people!!

Emily said...

Love learning more about you! Definitely love your crunchy-ness! Love your crafty-ness...100% for sure! Love your blog and your 300 posts!

Hope you are well!

angie said...

2 years and 300 posts? CONGRATULATIONS! I'm especially impressed with this tidbit:

"Nearly every meal we prepare at home is either completely organic or at least 85% organically grown. Even the meat we get is hormone free and fed organic grain."

Rey said...

Look at you - 300 posts!
You go girl!

I love your blog, and I'm so happy you are faithful to it!

You are indeed one of the craftiest people I know!

Funny how the kids make us "crunchy"!

You sound as busy, if not a little more even, than I!
But I think we are the type that need to be busy too!

Rey said...

300 posts?! You go girl!

You are indeed one of the craftiest people I know. And you are being way too modest! You are awesome with a sewing machine and your knitting is bomb!

Thank you for being faithful to your blog. I love reading it!

Rey said...

Oops, I wondered where my first comment went! haha! You have it on Comment moderation!
You can erase one if you like ;)

T Rex Mom said...

Dearest Rey - I thank you for all your comments and I had to publish all of them because well, I think it was so sweet that you took the time to type and retype them. Plus, they just make me feel so complimented when a renaissance woman like yourself compliments me.

And I have no idea why comment moderation just randomly went on. I think it's now fixed.

Kim said...

300 posts!!!! My three year blogging anniversary is coming up soon too. I really enjoy our relationship and I agree it's all due to blogging.I covet your artsy style and am even thinking about asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. I too buy used whenever I can. Here's to another 300 posts my friend!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Aww what cute kids!

I just found your blog through clicking through another blog! Have a great evening!

Amanda @ www.nutritionistreviews.com

lizhasalife said...

Yay! Awesome on 2 years and 300 posts! I loved reading this Q&A :) Can't wait to read the next 300 mama!

Nina said...

You started blogging on my Birthday. :) It was 2008 when I started my blog also, seems so long ago.