T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, September 26, 2010


T Rex LOVES his "Bebe Sister". She's the first thing he asks for in the morning and he's the first thing she sees after nap time. He can make her laugh like no one else - particularly when he's causing mischief.

And she adores him always watching with such admiration like she wants to be just like him. A smile and giggle are always available for her big brother.

I suspect they will be close their whole lives. I know one thing for sure - she'll be a tough girl! T Rex's affections can be a bit rough and she just puts her little hand out and growls to express her disdain.


(P.S. 300th post coming up next...Stay tuned in the next week or so.)


Jenners said...

They do seem incredibly close. I love her face in those later photos ... she does seem tough!

septembermom said...

They are going to be great lifetime buddies :) Adorable photos once again!

Mama Chocolate said...

Cute kiddos! :-D
I'm a new GFC follower!
(I'd love it if you came and followed me back!

zombiemom said...

I am always telling my husband that I hope my girls will always be close. It brings us comfort to know they have each other and can hopefully be there for each other for years to come.
I'm happy it looks like this will be the case for you!
Darling pictures as usual.

Nina said...

It is so cute seeing how much they like each other. My two fight a lot but I think that comes with a 5 year age difference and difference in interests. However they can fight often but they are so lost when one or the other is not around. Shows me how much they do really love each other.

Anonymous said...

That sibling love is awesome to see. With my own kids, it's the one thing that makes up for all the sibling NOT love that crops up. It gives me hope that they really do actually like each other quite a lot!