T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, October 18, 2010

Punkin Patch...

Good Neighbors D&M invited us out to "the farm". It was seriously the best time!

Here are just a few highlights...

T Rex was a little nervous initially but he found some reassurance holding onto his dad. Before long, though, he was running with the other kids with no care as to where T Rex Dad or I was.

T Rex getting a little help from "Tall Buzz Lightyear" picking out pumpkins - some for carving and some for baking.

There were so many wonderful pumpkins - he finally decided this was the one (of many he would take home)! And Halloween is just not Halloween without Buzz Lightyear - you've probably figured out what T Rex is dressing up as this year!

Collecting and tossing tomatoes - how fun is that?!? He certainly doesn't get to do this at home! Note - Buzz has actually been put down for this activity.

Showing off his chosen pumpkins to friend J. The green one was very popular among the three and almost three-year-olds!

Riding "scoots" with with some help from T Rex Dad.

Stealing hugs from J.

All the pumpkins loaded in the tiny truck to haul back to the house.

T Rex was too afraid to ride on the little truck so he watched as it drove away with his pumpkins. Even though he did not actually ride in it, he was very impressed with it and talked endlessly about it on the ride home until he crashed from sheer exhaustion.

This little pumpkin slept the entire time we hunted for pumpkins, but her big brother was kind enough to pick out a couple on her behalf. She's working on a second tooth so she's been sleeping a bit less these days so she has to catch up during nap time.
T Rex Dad stealing some baby snuggles after her nap - she is always so snuggly after nap time - it's the best!

Bebe Sister made the circuit visiting everyone at the gathering. Here, at the end, I finally got my snuggles in.

It was so nice to hang out in a kid friendly environment outside the city and with the best of company on a glorious fall day. And very special shout out to Mr. and Mrs. V for this very special day - a very hearty thank you. We definitely owe you a pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread! And thanks to good neighbors D&M for arranging this and all the work you put into this special day, too! This is definitely one for our memory books!


Kim said...

We went to a farm yesterday too!!! It was a public place where there was a horse drawn buggy ride, pumpkin patch and all sorts of really great things to do. We COULD NOT get Deaglan interested in the pumpkin patch but probably because there were too many other interesting things within close proximity. Naveen slept almost the entire day too. Deaglan wants to be a blue monster for Halloween??? Not sure how to tackle it - been looking for even a body suit or something:)

Rey said...

That looks like fun!
What a nice way to ring in the Fall Season!
Bebe sister looks so cute in her pumpkin suit!
I can't wait to see T-Rex in his Buzz Lightyear suit!

I've been computer absent for about a week now, but I just caught up on your last post too. T-Rex has great taste in books. My kids always like Eric Carle Books too!

shell said...

Bummer... we should have mentioned we need baking pumpkins for making beer on sunday!!! Looks like a great time!

septembermom said...

Two of my boys were Buzz. It's such a fun costume! My kids would love to ride "scoots" with T-Rex. The princess looks very sweet!

Jenners said...

Tossing tomatos? It does sound like it is worth putting Buzz down for!

We were going with Buzz for Halloween for the longest time but had a last minute switch to Darth Vader!

JKMommy said...

Awww, your little "punkins" are such cute kids - love the pumpkin outfit on Bebe Sister! What a great time - I have a few pumpkins I need to do soup with, or pie... can't WAIT until next year when Asher will be more active to run around a pumpkin patch or two! :)

Emily said...

Hooray! Looks like a wonderful Fall activity for the whole family!

I love that he carries Buzz around for almost everything. I am excited to see pictures of him in his Buzz costume!

Hope you are well in every way!

Caitlin said...

Looks like so much fun! What a great patch!

Nina said...

We love going to a pumpkin farm and picking out our own pumpkin. We have tackled to many projects lately so we have not done our pumpkins yet. I think Saturday is going to be a full day of Halloween activities including our pumpkin carving. I can't wait to see my very independent 3 year old with his pumpkin this year.