T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Toddler Project...

Want a super easy project that is also super fun and yet can complete during the short attention span of a toddler? Or you need to do some inexpensive, fast decorating?

Halloween Ghosts...

Total time for 6 ghosts: 5 minutes. The almost-three-year-old was actually asking to do more so this tells me he had a good time and it's always nice to leave him wanting more.

Cost: $5 (less if you already have supplies around the house
like cheesecloth for canning or yarn for knitting)

- Cheesecloth
- Scissors
- Black yarn or string
- Sticky eyes
- Foam balls (or spheres as T Rex calls them)

1. Double layer cheesecloth and cut about 12 X 12 inch squares. I used my scissors as a measuring reference. Obviously, I did most of the cutting but with these scissors, T Rex could help me close them so it gave the illusion he was cutting the cloth. Safety scissors just won't cut it - literally.

2. Cut lengths of yarn about 6-8 inchs - use two per ghost so cut as many as you will need.

3. Place foam ball at center of cheesecloth square and gather cloth around ball securing with string.

4. Place sticky eyes. This was T Rex's favorite part. We went with super small eyes just on the off chance Bebe Sister found a lose one and ate it. They are small enough to go in and out - just in case.

5. Enjoy your work. He's been having a grand time carrying these guys around in his jack-0-lantern.

(We'll probably run some white thread through the heads for hanging on Halloween weekend but it's been so rainy here we don't want to ruin our creations).

Have you done any fun Halloween projects or have any fun Halloween plans?


Kim said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! And I love that it's tailored to toddlers because you are dead on - five minutes is about the window we have to get Deaglan to stay interested. We've been cutting out Halloween shapes and using glitter glue, feathers and whatever else we can stick to them. Last night the whole family made short bread Halloween cookies.

Caitlin said...

SOOOOO cute!! What a great and creative idea!
We haven't been able to do many crafts with our limited space and supplies...sigh!

Camie said...

So fun and easy! Can't wait until my girls are old enough for hands on projects like that.

Jenners said...

Very cute! It think it would appeal to my 6-year-old as well.

And what the heck kind of scissors are those!!????

angie said...

I love that is not just a tutorial. We can see how much fun he loved making his craft, too.

Nina said...

This looks like so much fun. I am not good at decorating for holidays. It always looks so fun I just slack at it.

septembermom said...

Very fun! I need to do this with Jillian. She'll get such a kick out of this idea :)

JKMommy said...

heh heh, well you know my thoughts on Halloween but... that is a fun project - love googly eyes! :) That would be my favorite part too! Doing a craft is a really fun way to celebrate!
I guess my favorite part of Halloween is the candy! :)