T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ruminations - What is happening to time? Part II

Recently I was assisting Bebe Sister maintain her balance while playing near a table. She really wanted to stand up and watch her brother play, but she's just not ready to be standing without some assistance. As I sat there steadying her I found myself quite bored. In my head I was listing off the millions of things I knew still needed to be done.

I started to tap on my little girl's tiny toes. I love baby feet. I think I would insist on an endless string of babies in our household just so I could always have baby feet to kiss and cuddle. Alas, that is simply not a good enough excuse. So, instead, I try to soak in every moment I can with the babies I do have.

T Rex had wonderful baby feet. I wish I would have kept them sock free more than I did. T Rex Princess (aka Bebe Sister) almost never has socks or shoes on - mostly so I can enjoy those sweet toes as much as possible.

As I sat there tapping those toes, I realized I'll never be able to go back and kiss T Rex's baby feet. His feet are now little kid feet - no longer chubby or flat. When did this happen? What I wouldn't do to be able to go back in time and hold a baby T Rex - just one more time. Yes, I have another sweet, sweet baby with chubby, flat baby feet, but it's not the same.

So, I am once again reminded that I have to soak up every moment possible because they never come around again. Yes, I'll get to go through the same stages with each child, but it's never the same because each child is different.

This just kind of makes me sad and nostalgic. But also very grateful I've had the wonderful moments I have had with the kids I do have.


Kim said...

Yes I know this feeling so well. I love the baby feet too. Deaglan's just look so grown up compared to Naveen's.

We did the ghost toddler craft of your last post. It was so much fun and we hung them on a string across a doorway. Some of the ghosts have five or six eyes, creepy indeed! Deaglan is so proud of his string of ghosts and lets everyone know that he made them. Thanks for the great idea!!!

Jenners said...

You're so right. In some ways, it goes so fast and yet, in others, it goes by incredibly slowly. I've been enjoying my neighbor's new baby feet quite a bit! There is something so irresistable about them!

Emily said...

Makes me want to cry. I can't believe how fast time goes. I keep reminding myself to enjoy the moments...enjoy the moments!!

Love baby toes...and fingers...and fat rolls...and fluffy hair...and....


Love your blog!

JKMommy said...

baby feet are definitely the best. I am also partial to baby tummy's all round and squishy! :) I think about the inability to hold time still with my baby a lot... but then that is too too sad and I have to force myself to remember that every phase I've been sad to see go has been replaced by an even BETTER phase (which I then am also sad to see go!) I just hope the phases keep getting better & better! :)